Completely Cunning  

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Completely Cunning

Upon arriving at the hotel, I dropped everything I had in my hands, and plopped down in the middle of the king-sized bed. Three flights in 48 hours. I was mentally and physically drained. He, on the other hand, was bouncing off the walls like a rabbit hopped up on speed, the excitement of new business deals flowing through his veins. I laid back and watched as he paced the room, answering calls and setting up meetings. We were headed in different directions the following day, and looked as though we'd be apart for at least five. All I wanted to do was cuddle up in the bed, his arms wrapped around me tightly, and sleep. I looked at my was 9:30. I closed my eyes, ignoring the fact that I was still fully clothed, too tired to even care.

I could feel him. I opened my eyes to find him gazing at me from across the room, a lovingly warm look that filled me with content. He stopped mid-sentence and excused himself from his current call, stating he had an important issue he needed to take care of before it got any later. His eyes never left mine as he made his way toward the foot of the bed, untucking his shirt, his tie still draped loosely around his neck. He eased in the bed next to me, kissed me sweetly, his hand caressing my face. He unbuttoned my blouse as we kissed, his hand now lightly stroking my neck and shoulders, his whispers coaxing me to lay back and relax. I looked at the clock across the room. It was now 10pm. Thoughts of my 8am flight the following morning faded as his lips trailed down my neck to my stomach. I protested quietly as his hand fumbled with the front clasp of my bra, reminding him of my need for sleep, his whispers once again coaxing me to lay back and relax.

His soft kisses covered my breasts, his hand lightly stroking my stomach. His tongue teased each nipple briefly, followed by light kisses, and then gentle sucking, repeating this sensual act for what felt like an eternity. So relaxing to my mind and body, yet stimulating just the same. He continued to massage my breasts and nipples with his mouth and tongue, his hand caressing my stomach and thighs lightly. His hand slowly worked it's way under my skirt, gently stroking my inner thighs and brushing across my silk panties, his mouth never leaving my breasts. My utter exhaustion had now been replaced by growing passion.

He moved his mouth away from my breasts, his lips finding mine briefly as he gently removed my shirt and bra. He stood up and walked back to the foot of the bed, my hands softly stroking my hard nipples as he slipped my skirt down around my ankles. His kisses trailed up my thighs and stomach, purposefully ignoring the area concealed by my panties and the building wetness underneath. I unbuttoned his shirt as we kissed, my hands exploring his massive chest and stomach as he hovered over me. He pulled his lips away from mine, his mouth trailing down the front of my neck to my eagerly awaiting breasts. Once again, his tongue teased each nipple, followed by soft kisses covering each breast, and then gentle sucking, his hands stroking every inch of by body, still ignoring the now intense sensation between my legs. My own hand made it's way down to the outside of my panties, his hand moving it away and quickly restraining both my wrists above my head with one hand, his soft whispers reminding me to lay back and relax. As his mouth continued to ravish one nipple, the other was being gently stimulated between his fingers.

I began to squirm, my hands restrained, my need to feel his hands, my hands, something, anything, between my legs. I whispered my need softly. He ignored my request, his mouth focused on my nipples and breasts in an almost trance-like state. The sensation between my legs was increasing dramatically, my swollen clit painfully aching to be touched. He continued his erotic teasing and seduction with his mouth, lips, and tongue for almost an hour. My gentle whispers had now turned to manic pleas for him to touch me...just touch my clit, slip a finger inside me, anything to relieve my hard, swollen clit. He positioned himself between my legs, my hands still restrained, and unzipped his pants. It was then that he removed the tie still draped around his neck and gently, yet securely, tied my hands together above my head. He stood to remove his pants and briefs, stroking his rock hard cock as he repositioned himself between my legs. He then began teasing my nipples again with his tongue, lightly rubbing his cock across my panties. I was literally about to lose my mind.

He moved away from my breasts and sat between my legs, continuing to rub his cock up and down the outside of my panties. I begged. He moved my panties to the side with his fingers and slipped the head of his cock inside me, giving me no more than the head as he slowly moved in and out, the sensation bringing me to a quick, mind-blowing climax. He continued to work his swollen head in and out of my dripping wet pussy for a few minutes, then pulled away, leaving me to regain my composure, my hands still tied, as he grabbed a bottle of water. He at beside me as we shared a few sips, then placed the bottle on the nightstand. He knelt beside my head and brushed his hard cock across my lips, allowing me to taste my sweet stickiness as he slipped the head inside my willing and eager mouth. Then he pulled away.

He once again repositioned himself between my legs, sucking my breasts with more intensity, then letting his tongue brush softly across my hard nipples. His wet kisses covered my stomach as he slid my panties down around my thighs, his kisses focusing on my smoothly waxed mound. His tongue explored the area, his teeth gently nibbling, his fingers stimulating my nipples. He knelt between my legs, removed my panties completely, and spread my lips wide apart. He stroked his cock as he gazed proudly at the wetness he had created.

I closed my eyes tightly as his tongue darted back and forth across my clit. He sucked lightly, then a bit harder, then his tongue slid up and down my pussy. His stiffened his tongue and focused on my swelling clit, licking, then sucking repeatedly until I found myself begging to be fucked. He ignored my pleas once again, and intensified his oral stimulation, sucking my clit harder, licking up and down my wet pussy, and then shoved his hardened tongue inside me. My moans of approval delighted him. He began working his tongue in and out harder and faster, rubbing my clit in unison. He continued his steady pace until my climax grew near, sliding a finger inside me as he continued to lick and suck every inch of me. I exploded. He remained between my legs tasting the sweet juices until my last shudder of release, then told me to rollover. I caught a glimpse of the clock as I did. It was almost 1am. I had endured his foreplay and seduction for nearly 3 hours, and he obviously wasn't finished yet.

He grasped my hips and pulled me to my knees, my anticipation growing as I waited to feel his cock thrust inside me. He spread my lips apart and I was pleasantly stunned as I felt his tongue dart back inside me, burying it deeply, his lips sucking the outer edges of my wet hole as he slid his tongue in and out. His fingers rubbed my clit as he continued licking me, his hard sliding up and down my pussy and between my as cheeks. The sensation of his tongue rimming my ass sent chills throughout my body. He slipped 2 fingers inside my needy hole as his tongue continued to delight my ass. He pulled away again, and I felt the head of his cock sliding up and down my dripping wetness. I begged him to fuck me. Instead, he reached around and untied my hands, allowing me to steady myself on all fours. He continued rubbing his hard cock up and down, covering it with my juices.

He told me he wanted to watch me please myself for awhile. I eagerly slipped a finger inside myself as he spread my lips apart slightly with one hand. He spread them further apart as I slid another finger inside, his tongue licking around the fingers then rimming my ass briefly. He gently slipped a finger inside me, my two and his own working in and out, as his tongue continued to slide back and forth across my pussy and ass. He removed his finger and pulled his mouth away, stroking his cock as he watched me pleasure myself from behind. He touched the head of is cock against my fingers as they slid in and out of me, and continued to stroke. He moaned in delight at the sight in front of him. I once again felt his tongue circling my fingers and slipping between my asscheeks,while his fingers gently pulled my clit. As I neared yet another orgasm, he pulled my fingers away, and buried his tongue deeply inside me, his fingers continuing to rub and pull my clit gently, his other hand caressing my ass.

I moaned loudly as he slid a finger in my tight ass, his tongue darting furiously in and out of my wet hole. I rubbed my clit wildly as my arousal reached a new peak, he knowing the orgasm he had worked so hard for hours to invoke was moving near. I shuddered as he thrust his cock deep inside me, his finger still slipping in and out of my ass. He moaned loudly as my pussy tightened around his throbbing hard cock. He pulled out as my juices flowed, slipping 3 fingers inside me, as he stroked his cock harder. My pussy tightened even harder as he worked his fingers in and out, my wetness continuing to release steadily. His erotic whispers delighted me as I felt his hot cum cover my asscheeks.

It was my turn to gaze at him lovingly, caressing his face softly as he drifted off to sleep. It was mind and body relaxed far beyond the state he had intended.

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