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7/2/2005 6:10 am

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Story in progress

Here is a little short stoy I am writing let me know what you think.

I am 17 and home for the summer from my freshman year at collage, Mom is gone for the weekend to visit her sister and my cute step-dad (Mom just married him 3 months ago) is out with the guys bowling. I call my best friend Stacy, who is 19 and a sophomore at a different collage, to come over and have a girls night, I rent some movies and pop open the liquor cabinet.
Stacy shows up and we watch a couple of the movies that I had rented, and have more than a few drinks, while changing disks Stacy finds my Step-dads porno DVDs, “Oooo looky what I found! You wanna check it out?”
“Sure lets see what kind of perv he is.”
Stacy puts in the disk, we soon discover that it is a lesbian/solo movie,
“Hey your step likes the same kind of porn I do.” says Stacy. I give her a shocked look, “OMG! You’re a perv like him!” I say, playfully.
“Oh come on now,” Stacy says, “You remember that time in Jr. high when we kissed? You said you liked it then.”
I blush at the memory; I did like it and have thought about it often since then. “Yeah you are right, have you ever done anything like that since then?”
Stacy looks at me, “Kinda, I made out with my roommate one night after a party.”
“ Oh do tell!” I say, Maybe it’s the booze but I find myself intrigued , and with the movie still playing, more than just a little turned on. Stacy proceeds to tell me how she made out with her roommate but passed out after doing no more than kissing and a little feeling each other’s titties up.
“Mmmmm, that sounds like fun…..oh!………..did I just say that?”
Stacy gives me a sly look, “Yes you did.”
“Well ok, it might be fun to, ya know, make out a little.”
“Good,” says Stacy, “This movie has me hot!”
Stacy sits closer to me on the sofa we embrace lightly, and give each other a light kiss giggling, soon the kisses become deeper and more passionate.
As I continue to kiss Stacy’s hands begin to wander over my back, down my sides, my hips and upper thighs. I begin to let my own hands wander, and feel Stacy’s hand brush against my breast, unconsciously I arch my back and encourage her touch, she responds and rubs my nipple, her fingers on it send tiny shocks radiating out through my body from my breast, immediately my nipples get as hard as diamonds.
Tentatively I touch her breast and find her nipples as hard as mine, I rub them between my fingers and she lets out a small moan of pleasure. Stacy’s hand moves down my belly and slips under my night shirt and back up exposing my breast, she breaks away from the kiss and puts her mouth on my nipple and gives it a suck, I inhale sharply at the feel of her moist lips on my erect nipple. With her mouth still on my breast she slips my nightshirt off over my head. Her other hand slides down my belly and starts to rub my mound, I give another intake of breath, tingly shocks race from between my legs outward. A thought floats through my head, “This is very, very naughty.” The thought seems to make it even more exciting. I spread my legs a little and move my hips in time with her hand. Feeling my reactions Stacy’s hand focuses on the top of my mound, more intense tingles shoot through me. Stacy leans back and takes off her own shirt, leans back to me and our nipples rub together briefly, mine are so sensative by now that it is almost like an electric shock as they do. We start kissing again and Stacy's hand goes back to my crotch, she starts to rub me again and feeling how wet I am starting to get looks at me and says. "Lets get these off before they get ruined."
I lift my ass up a little and she slides them off. My head is swimming, I can't believe we are doing this, but it feels so good I can't stop. She tosses my panties on the foor and I lean forward and start sucking on her tits, my hands reaching around to cup her ass.

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