The Moat  

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7/19/2006 5:04 pm

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The Moat

As the road curves and bends, generally in the westward direction, the woods give way to farmland and meadows. The steardy wondering rider shares this road well with those going and coming, his canine friend in tow. A soft low growl can be heard from behind as a group of armed riders storm easbound on this road, staring down the armored warrior, who takes seemingly no notice.
The once grand and well kept road of miles back, is now becoming rutted and littered, and in spots muddy, though no rain has fallen for days. Shacks spring up along this raod, though they look more apt to fall down at any moment. To the top of the hill ahead the situation doesn't seem to get any better, a very run down area. The fragrent woodlans have given way to stink, the rank stench of people in desperate times. A great many people in desperate times. Those that line the road give the out of place wanderer a wide birth, probably more so for the 4 legged beast that trots behind him.
As Eaglion peaks the hill, more desperation falls upon the eye. He pauses in slight shock as he takes in the sight that can make the proverbial hell seem like a resort. Lean-to huts jammed tightly together, whether to save space or for better support one can only guess. The road itself becomes barely noticable as these huts, litter, and firepits spring forth from the side of the road, invading it's space maliciously. Carcasses scattered every which way, both human and beast.
Across this moat of filth stands a delapidated stone wall. what plaster is left covering the stone has been painted with obscenities, while the stone sports random colors and designs, again with obcenities covering. Once past the outer wall though, the keeps stone is well kept, plastered and whitewashed, and painted with gold and blue trim. The Spires rise mightily into the sky. Many guards and soldiers can be seen standing watch.
A kids voice rings out, breaking the eagle gaze of the rider," Aye Mishah, yee shoo ah dun go teh nor' si'!"
Eaglion nods in the general direction of the shout, and begins to pick his way through to the keep's gates, being scruntinized by many empty faces.

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7/19/2006 6:50 pm

pictures running through my mind

bravo again


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8/6/2006 2:52 pm

Electra was here............ keep writing!

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8/7/2006 4:43 pm

So, wheres the rest??

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