Pass on to your lady friends......  

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6/29/2006 12:57 am
Pass on to your lady friends......

As you lie there on your bed with your eyes closed and picture my soft breath on the back of your neck and the gental caress of my lips on your shoulder as I put my arms around you slowly gentally kissing your neck then I slowly and gentally move to kiss your sweet lips. From here I slowly go to your chin then to your thoat down to your chest slowly caressing with my fingers I go to your breast I fill you quiver ever so gentally. you run your fingers through my hair.More you wisper. I caress your nipples ever so gentally with my lips and tongue. Kissing, caressing, nibling and sucking your hardening nipples. You push my head down lower to your stumache where I kiss, nibble and caress with my tongue. I caress your nipples with my hands as you push ever so gental your body quivering more. I move slowly down caressing and kissing as I go. Down to taste your sweet hunny. Your body quivering more and more You cry out stop. No don't stop. More you cry.......... Now you finish the story.

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