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6/29/2006 12:49 am
More to the story

slowly, she places her soft hand around his hardness, circling with her finger dying to taste,so she kneels in front of him, with her hands lightly resting on his hips. she looks up as her hair falls across her face to silently ask .... may I?? he twists his hands in her hair as she directs her mouth to his throbbing passion,,,,,,, swirling her tonge around the head as he wispers dont stop. so she takes him deeper into her soft slippery mouth using her hands and hot, wet , lips, to bring him to release.......

befor he could how ever, she looks at him with a sly grin, and slowly turns around while on her hands and knees, she shyly looks over her shoulder at him and whispers please......... I need u so bad. quickly he complies, dropping to his knees behind her, he slowly strokes his hands over her silky back, while she arched, eagerly against him, hurry, im so hot, need u in me, , teasing her, he takes his cock, in hand and rubs it slowly between her legs, up the cleft of her ass, so slippery, and shiny.... not sure how much longer he can wait, to feel her, around him, tight, swollen, throbbing. Impaitent now, shes wiggeling and pushing her ass into him, unable to take anymore, he guides himself into her, its so hot, almost scalding, and tight, not sure he will last long. she keeps saying over and over fuck me, harder, grab my hair and ride me, deeper, she just cant be quiet, so he starts slamfucking her, deeper and harder till she cant even speak, she clenches so tight and says make me cum, i want to cum with ur cock burried in my pussy , to feel u throb deep inside me, and as she starts, he grabs her hips and slams it in as deep as he can, just in time to match her spasams with his own...............

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