After the party is over...........  

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6/29/2006 8:38 pm

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After the party is over...........

It's a hot summer night. A cool breaze is blowing the party died down. You're sitting by the water relaxing enjoying the night, the stars and the cool breaze. I gentaly sit down just behind you. I gentally caress your neck and begin to massage your neck and shoulders. You lean back as though butter in my hands. You moan ever so softly, "oh that feels good..." I lean forward and nibble ever so gentally on your ear. Kissing, caressing I slowly go down the side of your neck. You reach back placing your hand on the back of my head. Gentally running your fingers through my hair. Gentally I lower the strap of your dress over your shoulder. Kissing and massaging. Your nipples getting harder as your dress falls free of the one. You move your head back has I move to kiss your sweet wet lips we quiver in antisipation. I slowly touch the hardness off your nipple, caressing it ever so slightly with the palm of my hand. I slowly lower you back to the ground. I kiss the hard nipple. I caress it with my lips and tonge. Kissing it sucking on it. Your hands holding and caressing my head holding it to your breast. Gentally and slowly I remove your dress kissing the other nipple. Ever so gentally enjoying with ever breath I take. taking the nipples deap with in my most lips. I caress your body every so that I feel you quiver with every touch. You reach and remove my shirt. Then down lower I go gentally you push my head down lower and lower your breath getting heavier has I go. I stop just before I get to your panties. I take the in my teeth and remove the ever so slowly. I then slowly spead your legs as I begin to kiss again. You grab my head gentally and push me down, "OH please...Please" you mown. I feel your body quiver as you raise ever so gentally as my lips meet your wet pussy lips. I nibble ever so gentally, as I taste your sweet hunny I push my mouth and tounge ever so deaply. "OOOOOOOHHHHHH More, stop don't stop....." you cry with a quiver in your voice. You cum time and again.

You pull my head up to you. Gentally kissing me you roll me over. As I had just done to you, you gentally return. Kissing and caressing my nipples proving time and again a man too can have hard nipples. You kiss and caress as you slowly move lower. As I hold your head running my fingers through your hair your reach for my belt. You remove my pants to expose my throbbing meat. You take it ever so slowly in your hand caressing as you lower yourself closer. You kiss the top. Licking, caressing and kissing. You feel my body quiver, "Oh yes.....take it," I wisper. Kissing and taking my sack in to your wet, most mouth. Then you run your tounge up the length of my hardness. You open and take the tip nto your mouth, like a popcycle you suck/kiss the top. Deaper you take it, deaper and deaper. In and out you go. You begin to hum the very vibration send aquiver through my body. "OH god" I mown. The you move to stradle me to ride me like a cowgirl. Gentally and slowly you take me in. Slowly you begin to grind moving up and down, forward and backwards. Gradally you speed up, our body tencing quivering to the point of almost exploding. "OH GOD, YES, YESSS, YESSSSSSS," we cry out. Our breathing heavy and labored you colapse to my side lieing you head on my shoulder. Exhausted we lie there relaxed just enjoying holding each other loving what had just happened wishing for it to happen again and again.........

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