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6/5/2006 9:11 pm

I've been with the same women for 8 yrs. I'm looking for something new and fun. I am an assertive person who is not afraid to put myself out there. I tend to be too honest too soon. whether that is good or bad that is just me. I'm by no means pushy. Typically I'm pretty laid back, but when it comes to my work I'm all business. Just like when I get in bed with a Lady all business. Before I even penatrate I make sure that you have already had your first orgasim. After that is on. I have a very curious toungue and I am not afaid to shove it any where. I love to lick a womens asshole. Trust me if no one has ever done it to you give me a jingle I'll show you how it's done. Later.

sexyyyx333 40F
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7/11/2006 6:12 pm crazy love such guy...oh... sound seems very inviting... your sweet write already rock my soul ..your face already make my heart leap...oh....... that is enigma ,,,is incredible ....

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