A word about webcams  

DJCubanB 36M
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7/23/2006 4:58 pm
A word about webcams

It hasn't been terribly long that I've been involved with the little webcam-type community here, but what is truly interesting is the fact that nobody'll talk to you.

Perhaps I'm not messaging correctly, don't know some magic password.

But I think it's much more likely that there are simply too many men out there.

Which leads me to conclude that my chances here are pretty slim. It's simply the competition. And I don't mean to say that I don't trust my looks, my witty patter, or anything like that. I mean, I don't trust 'em entirely, but I know I've got something of value to offer here.

It's more the idea that - simply put - with the sheer volume of offers women get, anything I might have to throw out there is going to get lost amongst the general motion of the ocean.

In fact, this website reminds me of the act of procreation itself: thousands of sperm all wriggling, as fast and hard as possible, to get the prize. It's an electronic metaphor for sex itself.

The irony is somewhat humorous.

The issue one runs into is, of course, the fact that one is taking part in this struggle. I'm not above it; I'm thoroughly involved with it.

And I don't, perhaps, entirely know why. Surely there are many better things which I could be doing?

A while back, I realized that all that pent up desire I had inside of me for 'the One', this magical woman of my imagination who is going to answer all of my deepest longings is really a desire for spiritual wholeness, completion. That understanding - hard won - finally allowed me to move beyond a childish need to find a woman to make into my all, my everything.

But perhaps I'm still not beyond that thinking entirely?

I'm not sure.

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