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4/8/2006 7:28 pm

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My latest date

I was meeting a couple for drinks, as we had once before.

We spent a total for 15 minutes at the bar before we were too excited and anxious to get to the bedroom. I was wearing tight black "fuck me" pants and a red sleeveless top. Underneath I had red Brazilian back string panties, and of course a garter belt with black stockings.

As soon as the door to their home was closed, the passions went crazy. He and I began kissing her all over, fondling her breasts and her ass. We all began to undress one another. Soon I was down to my garters, stockings and bra.

Some how we ended up on their floor. I was eating her gorgeous pussy as she was sucking his cock and he was sucking me. He had his hands all over my nylons, squeezing and probing. She stopped and pulled me up to her, kissing me deeply. She was on her back, and I slowly slid into her beautiful wet pussy. Slowly, I started pumping, until we were both groaning with pleasure. He was off to the side of the couch, and I took him in my mouth as I was in her. We were all moaning with delight.

She then said she wanted to turn over, and we all changed positions. She flipped over, and I slowly penetrated her tight ass. As I did that, he slowly penetrated my tight ass. At first it was clumsy, but soon we all got into rhythm.

Never satisfied, she says she wants us both now. She lets him get under her, and she straddles him, grasping his cock with her pussy. I once again enter her ass. Shortly after she is screaming and shaking as she orgasms. She tells us how she wants our cum badly.

He gets out from under her as she and I continue doggy style. She swallows his cock and moaned as he bucked and shot his load into her. She swallowed it all, and licked him clean. I'm so turned on, I'm ready to blow any second. I pull out, and pull her head towards me. She starts sucking and stroking and soon I'm orgasming in her. She swallows it all and licks me completely. ..

and that was just half time...

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