The weekend....again!!!  

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3/24/2006 8:51 am
The weekend....again!!!

Well the weekend is here again. I can host but getting here is a trip with the road in front of the house all torn up for new water and sewers.

Had a chance to play on line again last night with the same couple as before. I watched for a bit then signed off as on line can be boring at times. But have to admit they are a very un inhibited couple. he takes a strap on from her and can lick her with the best of them and he can fuck and she can suck. Would like to meet them in person but as usual when meeting on line they are on the west coast. A bit difficult to get there for a night of passion. That is the first rule of on line play...the more you want to be with someone the farther away from you they are located.

Would be willing ot help a guy out if he wanted to deal with the road in front of the house as I will have to stay home to watch the dogs and cats. Roomies had to go to Kansas for a family emergency. They are leaving tonight and will be home on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Other than that, life as I know it continues.

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