Selfish Men and Bad Manners  

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7/18/2006 9:40 am

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Selfish Men and Bad Manners

I can't help but think this happens more often than not. If I'm wrong please improve my attitude. I spent a couple of hours getting ready for a first encounter. Showered, shaved, puffed and fluffed. Then drove over to his place, some distance away. He knew this, since we had discussed what town I lived in and where to meet. When I arrived things started out pretty good, he was funny and up front about what he wanted and seemed interested in what I wanted. (Seemed being the key word here) Things went down hill from there. It was, and still is, my understanding that BOTH parties are supposed to be satisfied by the encounter. Once things got started it was all about him and his dying need for a blow job. Don't get me wrong I love to give head, there is nothing quite like the response you get from a guy when you suck his cock. I asked if he could cum more than once, and was enthusiastically reassured that he could. So.... We played at first .... I got really hot.... I gave him a great blow job.... and he quit. Done, end, finito, over, put your pants on and go home. No what would you like me to do to satisfy you, fuck, I didn't even get a thank you. Needless to say I was really pissed, but being a lady, I kept my cool and with calm dignity dressed and left. He said as he walked me to the door that he would like to go out with me again. I'll just bet you would. I should probably post his call name here, but I won't, that would be lowering myself to his level. What a prick. Needless to say he will never hear from me again. And thank God he doesn't know who I am or my number or my address. I can just never deal with him again. How rude and selfish. His profile indicated that he enjoyed pleasing as much as being pleased. Guys, do not behave in this deceitful manor. If all you want is to satisfy yourself say so... some women out there actually like that. There is etiquette to these encounters, to any encounter be it here or in a local restaurant or bar. This applies to the ladies as well. BOTH/ALL participants should be satisfied when they are finished. We engage in this play with that expectation, its an understanding of all persons involved, and to not live up to that agreement is just not acceptable. How many of you have had this happen? Just curious how often this is the norm.

rm_max_is_back 43M

7/20/2006 12:18 am

You know - I'd say there is a fair share of assholes out there who are in this for themselve's. And it is sad. There are a few of us guys here who are open and honest. Now - us guys can turn this around and say the same thing about some of the women we have met. But this is about selfish guys.

Sweetie - did you get to know him first? Did you meet him in person before the encounter? How well do you think you knew this guy?

My motto is "A woman's pleasure CUMS first - always" I make sure SHE is satisfied - that she gets what she wants.

Yes - your man was rude and an asshole. Too bad you didnt warn the other ladies here about him. Maybe then - no one will want him and maybe he will learn. (or maybe he will never learn)

Good luck for you furure encounters!!


7/26/2006 7:25 am

Thanks max, for the encouragement.

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