Sexual Healing  

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8/23/2005 9:38 am

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Sexual Healing

Our first meeting: we arrived at your home, I lie back on the pillows on your soft couch and wait for you to join me. You grab a basket of fruit and ask if I would like a peach or a banana. I say, neither all I want is for you to kiss me deep and long. You lay me down and start kissing me as you remove my blouse. I straddle my legs around your back, pulling your hard dick closer in to me. I feel your pole pulsating against my excited clit through the material of your pants and my skirt. We kiss passionately, you take one of the drinks you prepared previously for us and pour the remainder on my breast. I begin to moan as you lick all the wine cooler off my breast, trying to catch every drop before it hits the floor. I run my fingertips down your spine while you suck my nipples like a baby. You sit up for a moment and pull off my skirt and my thong. My freshly shaved pussy greets you, moist, hot and wet from the stimulation your hands and mouth have brought the rest of my body. While you are on your knees kissing my pussy as it drips with juices,I raise up and take your boxers off. Our eyes meet, and all the sexual healing we are feeling makes us want each other more. You start sucking my breast again as I hold one for you,squeezing it hard so it is even more prominent. You tell me to trace my tongue around your lips so I can taste my juice that is still on your mouth. UMMMM! I taste sweet!!! You tell me how delicious I am. I tell you to lie down, then I climb on top of you, placing my pussy smack on your face as my mouth makes its way toward your beautiful,long,thick,sticky,wet beef stick. I suckle on the head of your dick,my saliva mixes with the precum oozing out of it. Damn this is DELICIOUS BABY!!! I feel your tongue flickering in and out of my pussy while I start licking around the shaft of your dick,(it is so thick i can hardly stretch my mouth wide enough to get around it) grabbing hold of the base so it doesn't escape the spectrum of my tongue. I move your dick aside so I can lick your balls and suck on them until they pop in and out of my hot mouth. I wax your entire shaft with my mouth while you part my ass cheeks and insert a finger, which makes me flinch. Cum starts to trickle down my inner thigh onto your cheeks, and a drop or two makes its way into your ear canal. Your dick overflows my mouth, and saliva starts to trickle out the corners of my mouth. You cum in my mouth,"ummm this is so tasty", I mummur, this is the beginning of a great sexual relationship. Stay tuned for more...


8/23/2005 10:13 am


rm_6foru71 45M
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9/15/2005 8:42 pm

I realy wich it was my face u where sitting on and suck my shaved coc, i would eat your wet pussy and ass and maby spank your ass if u like that.

brownsugar1061 45F

10/8/2005 5:29 pm


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