Sexual Healing: The rest of the story...  

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8/23/2005 10:36 am

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Sexual Healing: The rest of the story...

With the foreplay still climaxing intensely, we were both completely naked and rolling around on the couch like wild animals. You suggest we move this to the bedroom. We position ourselves on the bed, kissing delicately, we looked into each others eyes becoming lost in them for a moment. As you lay me back and spread my legs apart,gently, you trace my black,thick pussy lips apart with one finger, sticking it deep into my opening and taking it out to see the glistening of my juice on it, then you sweetly stick your finger into your mouth and moan because it taste so damn play with my pussy some more as you stick your fingers in and out of my hot pink hole. THE FAUCET IS REALLY TURNED ON FULL FORCE! You finally enter me, and I screamed because of the intense pain from your enormous cock stretching my pussy to the max as you gently glide the head and shaft into me. I grab you ass cheeks as you work your dick around the inside my love canal. It was so intense,more than I could imagine, I wanted you to make it last forever. I sucked your earlobe as you came for the first time. Cum was all over the sheets, and most of it was mine. You turned me over and entered from behind. I grabbed the headboard and let you enjoy the ride. You started moving in and out vigorously, I could feel your balls slapping my ass. It was heaven. You grabbed my shoulders and pulled my pussy deeper into your dick, damn this is good baby, I whimpered...I immediately wanted to get a chair, you obliged by retrieving a chair. I asked you to sit while I straddled your long thick pole, damn I could hardly take it all from this positiion but I sure was going to try to get it all in...I took a little bit at a time. This is awesome, I lowered my pussy on this rocket and begin to bounce up and down on it slowly, I begin to cum as you pulled my hips down real hard and fast on your rod. You hit the very bottom! Cum was running down my thighs and dripping onto the floor. We continued to fuck like maniacs, sweat pouring from the both of us. We changed positions yet again as You threw me on the bed with my ass hanging off the edge and my legs up in the air, pounding my pussy like a wild man. I was screaming to the top of my lungs with pleasure. This is best fuck I have ever had. When we were finished bringing our very best to the table, we lay down in each others arms we can EXHALE!!!!!

gambolo2 63M
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8/25/2005 8:54 pm

its a fact : once u have black u can't never go back. that is some good fuckin there259

brownsugar1061 45F

10/8/2005 5:28 pm

very good story. you made me cum about twice as i read. you must post more.

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