Winner of Today's "What Not to Say in an Email" Contest  

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3/20/2005 6:06 pm

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Winner of Today's "What Not to Say in an Email" Contest

I didn't really get anything that qualified except for another email from the guy that sent me the winning entry a week ago today. (Check out March 13th if you want to refresh your memory.)

The text of the email is exactly the same, word for word! I'm guessing he's going to Ctrl+C and Cnrl+V until he gets a repsonse from someone. LOL

Actually, the email isn't exactly the same. Today's came with pictures attached, one of which showed the sender wearing a pair of tiny Speedo-like briefs.

I do have to say that I appreciate the fact that he didn't send an obvious dick pic. This was subtle. In the world of advertising one's manly parts, it was a downright classy move. LOL

I don't know about other women, but seeing a man in plum smugglers just doesn't turn me on. That is a bad look. And I don't mean good bad. I mean bad bad.

Anyway, I'd better cut this post off before I continue to ramble.

Back to the usual routine tomorrow. Ugh.

I hope everyone has a great week! : )

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