Erotic massages  

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Erotic massages

This is a language
without words...
This is a time
outside of time...
This is a song that sings a celebration....
This is the touch of love....

This is called THE JUICER

Your left hand gently stretches the foreskin down along the shaft of the flaccid or erect penis and hold it in that position.
Your right hand points as if to twist a halved orange on a juicer. Concentrating on the head of the penis, rotate your right-hand fingers back and forth in coordination with an up and down sliding motion.
Vary the amount of pressure from your right hand.

This is called THE SNAKE

Your left hand gently stretches the foreskin down along the shaft of the flaccid or erect penis.
Your right thumb and index finger form a snug circle just below the head of the penis and rotate in a clockwise direction as far as your wrist permits..
Continuing the movement, lift your right thumb so that your index finger can maintain contact in the rotation until the thumb can form a circle with the index finger again..
Repeat this circling several times...

This one is called COUNTDOWN

Using plenty of oil and alternating your hands, make ten downward strokes on the flaccid or erect penis, then ten upward strokes.
Follow with nine downward, nine upward, eight downward, eight upward, all the way to one down and one up...

This one is called THE SCROTUM RING

Your right thumb along with your index and perhaps middle fingers encircle the scrotum between the base of the penis and the testicles.(Be careful not to squeeze the testicles).
Now move the scrotum up and down as your left hand strokes up and down on the flaccid or erect penile shaft.
Vary the amount of pressure of your right hand against the base of the penis.


This one is called ROCKIN AROUND THE CLOCK

For this intra vaginal massage, Imagine a clock at the vaginal entrance, with twelve O'Clock near the clitoris and six O'Clock near the anus.
Your left palm rests on the abdomen. At the twelve o clock position slowly introduce your right thumb into the vagina until its pad is pressing upward on the underneath side of the pubic bone.

Now gently rock your right arm and hand back and forth about and inch.
After about fifteen seconds or longer, lighten your pressure, slide your thumb to the one O'Clock position, and begin to rock again. Continue in this fashion until about the seven O'Clock position. At about seven O'Clock, shift to using your index finger and continue with the rocking pattern up through twelve O'Clock..

This one is called THE GEE STROKE

This stroke may be easier if you bring your lovers knees up with both feet resting on the bed.
Your left palm rests on the abdomen.
At the twelve o clock position slowly introduce your right index and middle fingers into the vagina until the finger pads are pressing upward above (beyond) the pubic bone. (This is approximately the G spot area inside the vagina)
Here make a "come here" finger movement to stroke your finger pads across the membranous tissue. Vary the pressure to find what feels best. With your right hand continuing rest the heel of your left hand on the lower abdomen. Now allow your left hand fingers to delicately stroke the clitoral head at the same time..
Perhaps apply a little pressure on the lower abdomen with the heel of your left hand.

Hope you all enjoyed this reading..

I got this information from my book

Erotic Massages
The Touch of Love
Kenneth Ray Stubbs, Ph.D. with Louise-Andreee Saulnier



alamo1235 58M
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5/8/2006 3:30 pm

Thanks for the info. I will have to try them out.

DAISYDUKE1004 replies on 5/8/2006 7:03 pm:
The real reason why I posted this was because maybe I can give some couples or friends/buddies some new things to try out...
Take care..~D~

rm_dragonheat23 51M
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5/9/2006 9:44 am

I have that book also. Unfortunately, I can't use those techniques on my clients.

DAISYDUKE1004 replies on 5/9/2006 8:46 pm:
Can't use them on your clients???...How about friends/buddies???..LOL..Thanks for the visit...~D~

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