Shopping Trip  

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1/8/2006 11:05 pm

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Shopping Trip

Who says shopping can't be fun?

You spot me staring at you bend over the counter. As your eyes catch mine I quickly look away and start to blush thinking you know what thoughts are hiding behind my eyes. Taking my hand in yours the lead us out of the store and into the mall hallway. Walking with an arm around one another we stroll past storefronts as I drink in the warmth of you against me, the scent of your perfume, and the sight of your legs beneath your skirt with each step that you take.

You move away from me and clasp my hand in yours, tugging me along with you as you turn away from walking down the hall. I catch sight of the sly grin on your face as you push open a mall exit door and wonder what thoughts are hiding behind your own eyes. Our footsteps echo softly in the empty exit hallway as you lead me onward.

My pleasure at watching you move ahead of me is temporarily interrupted as you turn a corner bringing me with you. Leaning back against the wall you pull me to you bringing my hands to you before we kiss. Your hands roam across my back as our lips dance passionately together. Your tugging against my lower lip stops before my eyes open to gaze into yours. Our eyes lock as you look directly into mine. Desire filling your voice I hear your almost whisper of, "I want you... Now," before I feel you hand reaching between my legs.

My eyes close as my lips return to yours. Kissing you deeply while my hands caress the curves of your body. Your hands freeing me from the confines of my jeans as one of my hands caresses your neck; the other gripping the roundness of your behind. You slide your thigh upwards to my hip as my hand follows its movement to lift your thigh from the back. I feel how wet you already are as you rub my head against your lips; suddenly realizing that you had thoughts on your mind before we even started shopping by not wearing any panties.

After guiding me inside you your hands reach up to clasp my shoulders. My hands instinctively moving to hold your behind tightly as you roll your hips to let me slip into you. Feeling you stretching open around me as our hips begin moving together. Sliding easier and deeper into you with each stroke as your juices coat my swollen length. Kissing you deeply and passionately as I feel your legs lock behind me to pull me into you fully. Our lips leaving one another to let us each gasp in breath as our pace increases; burying our heads in each other's shoulders. Feeling your nails dig into my shoulders as you spasm around me. Pushing your back to the wall as I join with you and my mind spins.

My eyes meet yours once again after reality begins to return to awareness. Our lips meet for a long kiss as you grind to my hips with me still inside you. I see the sly grin on your face as our kiss breaks and I hear you tell me, "We still have to stop at the lingerie store."

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