being stereotyped 2wice in one week, is not like the movies.  

CuteAZguy27 39M
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10/22/2005 8:19 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

being stereotyped 2wice in one week, is not like the movies.

<---Does this look like a face that would hurt a lady ?
.Does this pic to your right, which is my "Main photo" look like i should be arrested ?

Where to start my rant, lets go back to 1 week ago last night......

Stereotyped #1

It was a Friday night,(14th) i had one night off the night before, working on 6 days straight until my next night off, I work through the weekend, When its Monday morning, The manager "Janine" comes in to releave me, so i can go home, i clock out and she says "OH, CuteAZ-i bumped into a lady who wanted to apologize to you, yet lay a compliment down for you, yet for me to hear" I said, ok-this ought to be good.....

So i CuteAZguy27 was working my tail off Friday night, when a lady comes in, does her thing-pays for gas, buys scratcher tickets and leaves, thats my side of the story, no biggie right ? This is hers...

The lady walks into the store, and sees a shaved head cashier with a thick Go-T, and listening to loud headbanger music, her defensis instantly rises, and becomes short and rude to get in and get out, yet the young man continues to have a smile even though the rudeness persists and gives the lady not one free candy, yet two free pieces, the lady is dumbfounded as she is driving away, cause when she walked into the store from the outside the shaved head man was just another punk wanting another doller, yet when the conversation was held, she saw the true heart of the young man, the kindness, the warmth of his smile and his generosity, the lady driving home felt guilty for just instantly looking at the shell, and not the pearl inside, and was very pleased to bump into the manager at a grocery store to tell of her experience and kindness of the young man and to relay an uknown apology my way.....

Stereotyped # 2

Last night before leaving work, I pull a tall can of a Boo-Koo energy drink out from my fridge, lock up my house and head to work, as im walking to work, im on the opposite side of the road faceing traffic, I am now less than 2 blocks away sipping my energy drink when a police car facing me, passes me, turns around and heads my direction again, puts on his lights, and pulls over the curb next to me, he steps out of the car flashlight in my face (blinding me) and says "Son, whats your name !" "Cute" I respond..."Let me see some ID" in the still persistant rude voice, I said with the flashlight still in my face, "Im going to put down my energy drink, and reach into my pocket to pull out my wallet, OK ? I work graveyards at the Mustang gas station, less then 2 blocks from here" as i slowly reach into my pocket. He says "Well,the man im talking to might be lying to my face" (That truly pissed me off)I have the wallet in my hand, i pull out my drivers license and hand it to him, he looks at it for about a minute, studies for wrinkles and smudges (this is done to check for fake ID's) and hands me back my license, and says "Ok, the man im looking for looks like you, shaved head and a Go-T similar to yours. I said, "Well, i hope you find him" as i pick up my drink and start walking away.....

If you havent yet, please, please watch the movie "Crash" its all about being a stereotyped and being accused by the cover, but it is really good. sweetdarlinangel and i watched 46% of it before stopping the movie to do some extra curricular bedroom activities, but since then I watched this movie at least 5 times including the extra's such as the "Directors Commentary" and little odds and ends that come on the DVD.

Have you been stereotyped, how did you feel, or have you stereotyped someone, and found out they were totally diffrent then what you expected ? please share your experience, im curious.


Mood: Tired by being looked constantly at like a book by its cover

duststormdiva 51F
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10/22/2005 9:23 am

I wonder if the guy the cops were looking for is the guy I thought was you the other day. Do you remember me telling you how I turned my car around and was going to offer someone a ride, because I though it was you? There are definitely a major similarities between the two of you.

It's good that the lady who judged you had a second thought and realized that you are a great guy!

I may be biased because I know you. I know the true you, and I know that you are one of the nicest people around. Crazy as it may see, since we have just built a friendship, but I find that I am very protective of you.


HardlyYours4Now 52M

10/22/2005 9:34 am

I think a lot of people have expectations based on how I look. I'm a big guy, framewise, and have a bit of a stomach. I'm almost bald and have a goatee, although the bald thing isn't by choice in my case. People seem to either be afraid of me or expect me to be some jolly Santa Claus kinda guy.

I wouldn't hurt an ant unless he was on one of my kids, and I don't have nearly the hair Santa has.

I hear it all the time - "You aren't the person I thought you would be." Generally, it comes across as a compliment - either they figure out that I'm a 'gentle giant,' or they realize I'm not just a John Belushi clone.

Sadly, I realize I do it to others at times. But I'm learning.

Thanks for a great post.

CuteAZguy27 39M
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10/22/2005 7:50 pm

duststormdiva- I remember the story that you shared very well, infact during the night, thats one of the thoughts that came through my mind was that very story.

First, when the story was relaid to me from my manager, it made me smile, yet then the after thoughts came thrue and i was hurt that she would look at me like that, ye my heart is to soft to be angry for long and i healed and i moved on.
Our friendship is very awesome, I appreciate it and wouldnt change a thing, that much is true, the protectiveness that you have may be the mother inside of you, working overtime as if i was one of yours with a scraped knee ?

Oh, i wanted to say for days now, that the new pic is very creative, though the eye shot was great, this is better.


CuteAZguy27 39M
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10/22/2005 7:54 pm

HardlyYours4Now Your welcome, Im glad you liked this blog and laid your own post down of being stereotyped is like, and it is so very true, cause sometimes we actually do it to others and don't even realize that we did.


sassybelle21 32F
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10/23/2005 12:26 am

basically people just stereotype me as a typical fat girl and think i'm fat because i am lazy and what not. apart from that, people seem to think that i am a dumb girl with big titties too. i don't care for people like that. i know why i am fat and i know i am not dumb you are better than a lot of guys that i've known in my 21 years of life. you are a true gentleman and you are awesome. keep your head up cuz i love being your e-friend if not a friend

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