Wouldn't change a thing  

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5/22/2005 3:38 pm

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Wouldn't change a thing

To conclude the experience of this AdultFriendFinder date from the previouse blogs is to say, it was beyond perfect. I would not change a thing, the worries and stress before hand were vanished and forgotten when my date arrived....let me explain this amazing experience.....As discussed in the previous blogs, my car broke down a day or so before this date from AdultFriendFinder, so i waited for her to pick me up, she arrived in her car and i met her at her door and her window was rolled down, and i looked into those beautiful green eyes and just melted instantly, we chatted for a sec just to make sure we said who we were, cause i didnt want to meet "Jane" and actually talking to "Martha" who just stopped by to ask for directions, lol does that make sense ? So i got in the car with her, and we went to the bowling alley and had a wonderful time.

she told me she wasnt very good at it over the emails but was willing to give it another try...dont let that fool yeah, she threw quite a few strikes and spares on her shots ! Yet my father was on a bowling leage for many years, so obviously he tried to get me hooked, which he did (I arrived in her car with my bowling bag wich had my ball and personal bowling shoes-probably scared her)so i bowled got my strikes and spares, impressed myself on some shots, yet knowing she was getting fustrated i didnt want her to think this was for me(because it wasnt), so i purposely threw in some gutters, and threw the ball difrently to make her smile and laugh and continue to have a wonderful evening. Well its a Friday night so they have "cosmic bowling" wich is, turn off the lights, put loud music and funky light strobes on, i put a tab on the lane so we could get what we wanted and i'd pay for it all when we were done, well with the bowling we also warmed up on our conversations, began talking about diffrent things, finding we had MANY things in common, and it was wonderful start...well the cosmic starts at 9pm and ends at midnight, by 10:30pm i could tell she was getting sore and warn out on bowling, so i asked if she was ready to go, she agreed-

yet i had another plan, since our conversation was not shy and stareing at the wall and ceiling, but full of laughter and just enjoying ourselves, (before the evening started and she came to pick me up, i went and got a movie)i asked if she wanted to stop by my (bachler pad..you know its a bachler pad when you open the cupboards and find nothing but mac and cheese and top-raumon)home and watch a movie, she agreed, so i took her to my place and we popped in the movie and as we were watching the previews she was eyeballing the surrounding area, and she caught my DVD collection and found my library of books and was very impressed by what i had, cause a few of the DVD's no one has heard the titles before and just look at you strange yet i had them-it was cool.

so we were watching the movie (wich was beyond awsome)and like first dates and nervouseness, she sat on one end of the couch and i sat on the other, yet as the movie progressed, we laughed, we talked, and i scooted closer and closer until one arm was around her and the other was holding her hand-and as we were watching the movie we played with each other fingers and hands and about half-way through the movie her head is resting on my arm as she is watching the movie, and im watching her, and thinking, this lady is just beautiful, how does she not have a man her life, beautiful skin, big beautiful eyes behind those glasses and blond hair...then i ask as gentleman the nervous first question "--- may i kiss you," she turns her head, and looks into my face and says "maybe" i became instantly nervous and almost felt like a fool and thinking *Why did i ask that !*, then she says "If you give me my soda on the table" i took a sigh of relief and handed her soda, she took a sip, she puckerd her lips, i leaned over and gave her the first kiss of the evening....her lips were soft and gentle, and fireworks of horemones cracked and sparked within me, yet i didn't do anything heavy or hard just a gentle kiss to see how we tasted with each other...and it was real good.....we teased each other with neck and cheek kisses with a tease of the tounge here and there, we had to rewind the DVD constantly so we wouldnt loose track of the movie, we chatted about various things and kissed allot and eventually finished the movie, i guess it was about 12:30ish (?) and i honestly didnt want her to leave yet.

her presence and communication was incredible,so i popped in another movie that i had in my collection, and during that time we just kissed and got hot and horny (the movie is totally forgot, dont even think we made 10 minutes past the intro and our lips were lock)as we were going at it on the couch beyond past go and collect your $200.00 i took her by the hand and led her to the back bedroom laid her on the bed, and was completely gentle even though i was enjoying myself completly YET-as described in the previous blogs, she was moving out of town in 2 days, and i wanted her to enjoy her last date from this town...so i asked for nothing in return, I kissed her lips, her cheek, her ear, her neck, i was slow and passionate when i came to her breasts, i continued to work my way down to her stomach and thighs, and when she started guiding my head to her kitten, i knew she was ready-so i asked for nothing yet just gave and gave and gave her kitten a licking until she was wobbling and finally orgasmed, she tried to pull me away thinking i wouldnt like the taste, yet i wouldnt budge, it was beautiful loved every last slurp....out of respect for her im not going to describe how the rest of the evening went, yet lets just say, it almost 4 in the morning, and the sun was barely rising for the day before she left my home....the evening was incredible, wouldnt change a thing.....IF i only met her weeks or even months beforehand....wow.

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7/31/2005 9:11 pm

That is way cool.. I am sorry you had such a short time with her.. Do you know where she moved too?? Keep in touch?? T


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