The ones who carry a badge and a "stick" part 1  

CuteAZguy27 39M
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6/26/2005 6:53 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

The ones who carry a badge and a "stick" part 1

To start off im in a very small town, not like the big cities with gangs and blah blah, what i see is that all the little spoiled morman children drive there moms b-m-w's or their dad's buy them a convertable for the heck of it, very disgusting... ANYWAYS, so living in a larger city-excuse me.... the # 1 rule as a cashier, if their is a theft or a beer run,dont run after them(they may have a gun) you let them have it and call the police to see if they can track them down...Common sense right ? Well listen to this story......

Back in December of '04 im doing my graveyard shift, and i have not had a customer in over 2 hours, so im jamming on music and totally on a Caffeine trip with a cup of delicouse coffee in hand, when two teenagers walk in, they are huddling together i can see somethings up so i put down the coffee down and just sort of lean against the counter watching these boys, when they said out loud "i guess we will go to Circle K", and as they are walking out the door they grab an 18 pack of beer and run out the door...well this is my first interaction in hours ! so what i do , i run after them...the driver was a little slow in jumping in the car wich gave me a HUGE advantage in catching as im running I jump on the engine hood of the car and squat on the drivers side and i got a really good hold on to the hood vent underneath the windshield wipers....and the passenger says, "just drive !" the driver says, "I cant-he's totally blocking my view" so on hearing this, with one hand holding onto the hood vent, the other with a nuckle fist, start pounding the windshield, and im yelling "I already got your license plate number (was a total lie) so just hand me the beer and everything will be ok (im totally scared by the way, it was all the caffeine that was driving me ....and punching the windshield i thought i was going to crack it, i only did it to scare them...ending up scaring myself!)" so the driver leans down takes the beer, and as im still pounding the windshield, i yell "put the beer out the window so i can grab it"....they do this, i reach over grab the beer and with full strength push down on the hood as i jump off the car, and i walk back into the store not looking back at what a success !(of coarse the drama and the fear kick in 10 minutes later as i put the beer back on display).... Until 4:30 this morning two boys walk into the store and a diffrent ending aproached....

frbnkslady 48F
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7/31/2005 9:59 pm

WOW, you are SOOOOOOOOOO lucky. You never ever do that...You don't know who could have been in taht car, what could have been hidden in that car. We are taught the same thing.. let them go, get a good description and call loss pervention. PLEEEEZ don't do that again.. I likes reading ya.. Will NOT like reading aboutcha... T


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