CuriousOHVirgin 40F
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8/10/2005 1:50 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


I am wondering what other people came on this site for. Are u looking for someone attractive or just some that is available ot both even?

And what makes that person attractive to u?

It seems to me its more about who is able and ready right here and now..looks unimportant.

But then when u are talking to someone its all about pics and blah blah blah.

I am an attractive (not knock out but average) woman and also available but i am still not wanting to settle. I like an attractive man or woman but your mind will turn me on more than ut tits or cock size.
Has anyone else given it any serious thought??

bigrob3172 44M

8/11/2005 8:55 pm

you seem to be very insightful. because i am just a standard member, it is impossible for me to view your profile to see if we would get along or not. Drop me a line if ya want to know more about me.

CuriousOHVirgin 40F

8/13/2005 11:15 am

BigRob..hello there and thank u.

I would love to chat with u more..pls let me know if u have a !oohay ID and we can chat further

AtomicKisss 58M

8/14/2005 1:32 am


First, let me say that I just love your blogs! You have a crisp writing style and the content is pertinent. Having said that... I came to this site with the following three goals in mind:
1) To enter into a relatinship;
2) To find someone who is sexually compatible with me; and
3) To avoid the games that are played on other sites. On the other sites, the women feel compelled to present themselves as "Miss Polly Pure Bread." Then, for someone like me, I have to try and figure out which one is sexually liberated and which one sits in the front row in church. AdultFriendFinder "cuts to the chase."

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