Friends w/ benefits vs Fuck Buddies  

CuriousOHVirgin 40F
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8/15/2005 5:46 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Friends w/ benefits vs Fuck Buddies

Is there really a difference between friends with benefits or fuck buddies?? Does anyone else feel that there is???

I do. Key word here is FRIEND..u cant be friends with someone is all u do is hit the hay with them. A friend hangs out with u and your friends. A friends calls you just to say 'Hello! How was your day?" A friend knows when u are down and says..i am here to listen..and actually does. Yes the benefits are and can include: sex, a movie going partner, someone that u can talk dirty to, someone that is not the label of girl'boyfriend so therefore there are no strings/relationship but there is a a friend.

Boy/Girlfriends come and go..but to call someone a friend means so much more.

A fuck buddy is just that.."Hey what u doing..wanna fuck?" "i'm in town..wanna fuck?"..they are convenience..someone u see once in a blue moon when everyone else has turned u down or u are just damned horny

I get alot of responses about wanting to be my friend with this before u respond again..

I have alot of friends but I dont have sex with them. If it moves to that then u have to be a friend as well. I am not just a hole for u to pound away at and forget. If I wanted that..i could go pick some stranger up at a bar and not even sign on here.

So far out of 3 real meets..only 1 has called to say hey how are u..i will meet him again because of that.

Think about it..a little goes a long way..and gets u more benefits in the end

IWantYou492 31M
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8/16/2005 10:23 am

You just keep churning out great posts. People will get to know you for who you are. So keep venting away because its working.

Shirley69692 59F
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8/16/2005 5:06 pm

Wow. I love it. You are so right on with this. I'm tempted to cut and paste it in my profile, but that would be dishonest, and we have enough of that already. You sound like the kind of friend I would be proud to have.

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