Feeling a little down tonight  

CuriousOHVirgin 40F
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8/17/2005 7:44 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Feeling a little down tonight

A somewhat member of my family was hurt yesterday by someone that she trusted and cared for..who was suppose to care for her as well.
One of my friends was shot by her boyfriend during an arguement/break-up and is now in ICU on life support. Not knowing whether she will recover fully or at all at this point.

That made me think a little more about meeting people from online..

You dont really know the person. U pretty much only know what u read when chatting or what they want to tell u once you give out the elusive cell number.

I had a psycho I gave my number to and he called nonstop for about a week..sometimes up to 30 or more times a day..and we only actually spoke 3 times...once as an actual conversation and he other 2 for me to tell him to leave me the hell alone cause he was freaking me out. (We started chatting from here just FY He has since left me alone but I now refuse to answer blocked calls on my cell and I am so happy he never got my address or vicinity of where I live.
It has made me wary as to whom I give my number to..

Now the shooting has made me wary of real meets in general. How can I trust a man/woman that I meet online not to harm me when a man that she lived with for 10years nearly took her life? I am not saying everyone online is kooky but how do I know the kooky ones from the real ones???

Does it make me afraid and nervous to meet anyone else?? Yes. Is it gonna stop me from meeting anyone else? I can't say at this time.

I am more cautious from this point forward in the situations that I put myself in..and to be alone and naked with someone u have only just met is putting yourself in a very vulnerable position.

These are just my thoughts right now..not intended towards anyone specifically. Just need to see my words in written form..

I am praying for her recovery and hope that she makes it thru this..

Good night all..thank u

CaboWaboVHnut 56M
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8/17/2005 8:44 pm

I am adding a prayer for your friend also. Being together for ten years, you'd think problems would've shown up before it came to a murder attempt !!! The "Experts" say that most people are harmed, or killed by someone they know, love, and / or live with !!! With that being the case, you are wise to be wary of someone you just met !!! People can say, or pretend to be, anything on a computer, and u have no way of knowing if they're lying or not !!! I would only talk to them online for quite a while, before giving them a cell number, or any personal info !!! Better safe than sorry !!! If you end up naked with them at the first meeting, you are already beyond the point of safety !!! Not trying to judge, just my opinion !!! Peace !!! Cabo !!!

AtomicKisss 58M

8/17/2005 11:38 pm

Dear Ohio,

I'm very sorry about your friend. News like that, the shooting, is always extremely distressing and it causes introspection and reflection. I hope she fully recovers. AtomicKisss (Chuck)

OhioCpl15 51M/52F
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8/18/2005 12:31 pm

Humm, well the world hasn't changed all that much since yesterday. Just your perception of it. You _should_ always take every precaution to be safe, but it should not rule your life. Not only can people say or pretend to be anything on-line, they can do the same in real life. Nothing is guaranteed. Make smart choices, be aware and pay attention.
Will say a prayer for you and your friend. *hugs* S

shogun923 49M

8/18/2005 2:42 pm

I am very sorry to hear about your friend..I will be praying for her full recovery. It's never wise to completely trust any one you don't know very well, but I must also say that even though we might know some one, people change. I have stories like that in my own family. It's sad and tragic.

freshmeet2 52M

8/18/2005 5:53 pm

I hope it all turns out well for her. 10 ears is a long time to know someone before something like this happens, shows that 1 can never really tell. First meeting or long relationship. We have to trust our own judgement and some divine intervention always helps. Be strong.

CuriousOHVirgin 40F

8/18/2005 9:34 pm

Thank u all for ur kind words and prayers. She has not come out of it yet and we are all hopeful.

Also I will not let fear rule me..but I will show more caution than I have in the past. I have met some great people and I hope to meet many more.

CuriousOHVirgin 40F

8/23/2005 7:56 pm

My friend did come out of it and is doing well..still in the hospital but she will pull thru..Thanx for asking interacial! Kisses to u both!

Now my niece broke her leg bouncing on a trampoline and had to have surgery today..she had to have some pins placed into her leg..she is ok tho

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