F- Me...Erotic fantasy  

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2/16/2006 12:52 pm

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F- Me...Erotic fantasy

You stayed away too long. You invading my dreams now and that Ludacriss song is playing in the background, stuck on the part where she keeps saying, "Fuck me." It sounds so damn hot that the words resound and fill my head. Over and over echoing and speaking directly to me. Then your voice and I'm not sure what you are saying because it's blending into to all of the - Fuck me's.

A sigh escapes my lips and I want to draw you closer to me but when I try to you move my arms and I can't. I whimper and your voice is right there telling me to loosen up. Your tone is so soothing it caresses me. I try but your fingertips so feather light are grazing across my body. You start at my neck and you are quiet now as if intent on touching every single spot on your trail up and down my body.

The pink silk night gown that you love so much is around my middle now and I'm not sure how it got that way. As you explore my body you are peeling it off of me. You stop at my hips because my legs are spread apart where you have tied them to each side of the bed. You are frustrated when the nightie won't go any lower. It is right at my ass and that is when I hear the material being ripped away and the slight chill that turns to a shiver when your fingertips continue to trace my body.

The music, your fingers, my moans feel like they are a part of me. Your touch is so gentle conflicting with the words that keep playing over and over, Fuck Me! Then it's your tongue and you are nibbling on each toe and sliding your mouth across the arch of my foot. My body feels like it is not my own. Wave after wave of heat is infusing me and all you keep saying is relax. First soft touches then a sliding tongue. You are playing with my thighs nibbling there and I know that you can smell my scent. I can smell it. It's a heady fragrance and you keep murmuring over and over, "I love the way you smell" "I love your aroma," this intermingling with the words on the stereo that I want to scream to you as you toy with me keeps replaying in my mind. I remain quiet however because I don't want to break the spell. My head is tossing and I am trying to lie still.

You only allow your lips to slide over the curve of my hip as your move upward around to my belly button as if you wish to tease me further bypassing the spot that is burning for you. Kissing in circles, talking heatedly as each kiss comes closer then withdraws. You do this until my chest is heaving and I can feel the tingle in my hardened nipples that are aching for you to cover them with your lips. Maybe I said it out loud because your cool mouth surrounds each one then both at the same time and I can't hold back the moans or the arch to get you closer to me.

I know my pussy is dripping wet. I can feel the moisture on my thighs. I can feel the constant contraction and jumps and my hips have a mind of their own. It seems like the very air is caressing my now harden jewel. My hips are winding, your hands are trying to hold me in place.

I keep thinking that I can feel my pussy tighten and the words of the song are evoking a picture of me on top of you. The way your eyes watch me as I slide my ass across you. And the wetness leaves me never knowing if you or me or us are sparking the flame that I need you to extinguish. Then there is the thought of your tongue sliding anywhere near my pussy but instead of your tongue it is your thumb. You keep running it across my clit sliding it ever so lightly over and across it, while I have visions of riding across yours. It feels so warm and then it turns to red hot.

But it's just my mind playing tricks with me because I still can't really move. It's not me on top of you but you above me. Now the palm of your hand slides continuously across me and it's a feeling of my most treasured place being set ablaze. Rockets are shooting through me. Tingling so strong that I think it will rock my body off the bed. Then you take possession. Sliding, rubbing, first slow and then my bucking or it could have been my urging I'm not sure which. Or perhaps it is the song in the background that wants you to Fuck Me that makes you lose control.

Lose control is exactly it too, your now wet palm replaces your tongue and you are swirling and then twirling and my hips feel like they need to follow your lead turning and moving. Then it's your tongue again but this time trying to enter me. Stabbing at my opening and I can't move my legs to get closer to you. I can't feel anything but your tongue and lips which become one with my lips and the motion that has me flipping over the edge. Over and over you feed from me and I think that I can't get any wetter but that is when you take my clit only into your mouth.

It is then that I can't hold on any longer and that is when the damn phone rang and I open my eyes and realize that there is no music, no kisses, and no you. A figment of my imagination I guess, telling me that I need you. Telling me mostly that I miss you and it's been way too long.

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2/17/2006 9:56 am



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rm_MSUStud6921 31M

2/20/2006 10:02 pm

damn sexy, that is fuckin hot, just came readin your short story message me soon

ShavenStud05 43M

2/25/2006 12:21 pm

This is one hell of a read. I now have something to really look forward too...

rm_EvilRat71 45M
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5/30/2006 6:49 pm

WOW! wish it were me you was thinkin about!

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