Does size matter to all women?  

CuriousOHVirgin 40F
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8/16/2005 5:44 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Does size matter to all women?

I had a lovely man make an interesting point in my group today..
A man is suing a company that makes pills to enlarge the penis because he claims it never worked for him...

I wonder is it really that important to men to make their lower counterparts bigger?
Yeah a woman wants to feel u and know u r there but why is it thought to be believed that a huge one is any better than average or even a little over so?
I am not trying to have an anaconda in bed with me..i will pet it and ask u to put it away..but i am not adverse to more than average or average..

They say BBW should exude confidence..well i say all matter shape or size u are..should do the same

Be happy with what u have because the woman)women) that u r showing it to over and over wouldnt be there if she didnt like it!

Some women dont even get off from intercourse anyway..size matters to some..but to some of us u can make up for it in other ways!

freshmeet2 52M

8/17/2005 12:01 am

Thanks for trying to cheer up us average guys. I do all I can to make a woman feel good, no one has complained to me yet. I use foreplay because I enjoy the time spent as well as the climax. i try to make sure she climaxs first.

IWantYou492 31M
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8/17/2005 8:22 am

Pride. Its why we men do most of the things we do. We have to uphold our pride and dignity, and if there is any reason why we might come up "short", we panic. Like a woman wanting plastic surgery, some men tend to feel a bit insecure about the little man downstairs.

I think the real problem might be from the other way around, where he may have TOO much pride. That could tend to be a bit more embarrasing.

bigpassion2005 56M
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8/17/2005 12:03 pm

It's virtually impossible for most men to actually have a conversation with a woman they are attempting to seduce. If we can get you to focus on what we have in between our legs, then the hope is that you won't notice what we may be lacking in between our ears!

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8/28/2005 6:43 pm

As long as a guy isn't pencil thin and 2 inches long then size doesn't really matter. Avg works for most people, and like you said you can make up for it in other ways. I love to get my partner off before we even have sex, the foreplay is great and she gets very excited and is very stimulated after climaxing, so the penetration and sex is even more intense for her...

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