We Shall Call HIM...Raoul  

CuriousKitty675 41F
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8/19/2005 8:23 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

We Shall Call HIM...Raoul

I had another encounter with my crush today. Nothing major. Just a little game of car tag after work. I think he wanted me to pull over and talk (looking back in hindsight that is) but stupid as I am I just waved at him as he pulled up beside me and kept going my own way. Maybe it's for the better. Staying away. But just that little exchange sure put a smile on my face. Oh the good times we could have together. If only he wasn't with her. Damn the Fates. They are cruel cruel individuals. *sigh* Oh well.

bella_ 47F
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8/24/2005 8:15 pm

Why stay away? I am sure you will have another opportunity..they come in 3's I've been told.

CuriousKitty675 41F
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8/25/2005 5:13 am

He's spoken for Bella. If he were free and single, I'd be all over that man. LOL! I can hope they will split up, perhaps it will come true. Who knows. Neither of them seem happy with the other. It boggles the mind that they stay together when it's like that all the time. Humans are strange creatures.

goddessofbitches 41M/33F

8/25/2005 11:09 am

I think he must be chasing you down for a reason...and if he is...maybe he is wanting to tell you that his "other" relationship is about over...who knows....still...enjoy his company...it is fun to have a secret fantasy about someone...


P.S. I think that if you where to come here...I'd make you forget..lol just kidding....but it can still be an open offer...lol

Always The Bitch

CuriousKitty675 41F
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8/26/2005 5:34 am

Mandy, you naughty girl, you always manage to make me smile. And you're right. It is nice to have a secret fantasy but until he and she are no longer there cannot be a we. Even if he does want to tell me they are about to be over. Until it's over he's still a taken man in my eyes. Kind of a taboo thing for me. Don't know why it just has always been that way. *shrugs*

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