Of Men and Lice - A dissertation relating to the idea of propositioning hopeful contacts  

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11/10/2005 7:51 pm

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Of Men and Lice - A dissertation relating to the idea of propositioning hopeful contacts

It is intuitively simple, is it not, that you put a profile on a page like this expecting like-minded people to respond in a manner that befits a civilized society. Despite these expectations, however, how many of us have been inundated by people sending (without solicitation) pictures of people showing other men’s penises. Let’s clear the air on this one, shall we? I’m not offended by pictures of penises, even if they are not your own. I’m not afraid of them, nor am I particularly impressed by them. I am, however, fond of ASKING for pictures of penises before I receive them. It’s simply the courteous, tasteful thing to do. Before we go on and on about “What you’re doing on a website like this”, allow me to circumvent any argument by stating that whilst we are “swingers” we are not bereft of decency and deportment. Thus, while I am sure the picture of the penis you claim is your own is impressive, I implore you to consider your actions before you send it off (willy-nilly as it were) to everyone you see on this site. I have yet to meet the man, woman or assorted types that have yet to say, when viewing a penis picture, “Oh my GOD, I cannot live without having that.”

In a related vein, it should be noted that there exist certain people fond of utilizing come-ons similar to those seen in the recent remake of “Starsky and Hutch” which are both unoriginal AND tragic. It is neither fanciful nor sexy (and it is certainly not smooth) to give, on the first email, a lengthy dissertation about how masterful you are with your penis, tongue, chin, fist, etc. How about a simple “hello” to break the ice? While we may all be relatively free spirited in a sexual sense, I can assume most of us would still like to make introductions before we stampede to the clitoris (to quote Monty Python for a moment).

Finally (and this will wrap up my blogging for awhile) if you don’t see a picture, it does not mean the people you may potentially talk to are unattractive or a physically deformed. Some people simply prefer to know people a bit more before showing them lurid photographs taken under blurry, moodily-lit conditions. Actually, a last thing to add. If you title yourself things like “HottyInAPlace” or “HotCouple” or something like that, chances are you’re not. You may be physically attractive (or you may be possessed of delusions of grandeur), but most people will find your slack-jawed, vacant eyed attempts to be impressive less than.

If you think I’m an asshole, you may very well be correct. If you dislike me after reading this, I encourage you to go to the back of the line and take a number ‒ I’ll be with you shortly after the final trump by my reckoning. Know, however, that you join a long and distinguished line of people that have disliked me before. I do not allow fights in the line, but sex is OK by me.


rm_DOMdevCple 66M/55F

11/10/2005 8:56 pm

This is exactly how many of us couples think, and you have expressed it well.

Welcome to Blogland , and may your time here , be fruitfull

rm_snappyJ5 41M
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11/10/2005 9:24 pm

Very well presented, and refreshing prose.

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