Welcome to the Working Week  

CuriousAries67 49F
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10/3/2005 5:33 pm

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Welcome to the Working Week

Have you ever had one of those Mondays? The sort where you just can’t seem to get out of bed and go to work no matter how much you coax yourself?

Lately, I’ve been having this trouble a lot. It doesn’t seem to matter how enjoyable or boring the immediately proceeding weekend. Monday morning rolls in, and I just want to bury my head under the covers and pretend it’s still Sunday.

So, last night I had an idea… let’s try a little operant conditioning. You know, a little behavioral reward system. I decided that if I were to get out of bed when my alarm clock buzzed this morning, I would reward myself by inserting my ben wah balls and “wearing” them to work.

Believe it or not, this idea packed a great deal of motivation. I love the way they feel inside me. I’m always just below the edge of an orgasm. What a pleasant way to spend the workday!

This morning, sure enough, when the alarm clock droned instead of reaching for the snooze button, I reached for the nightstand “goodie” drawer. There they were, my lovely pearls… I plucked them from their case and headed in to the bath for my morning shower.

As the steam rose from the stall, I hummed to myself and rolled my happy marbles in my palm. I stepped into the shower and let the hot water sluice down my body. I held my cupped hands under the spray and let the water warm my treasures. All the while, my snatch grew wet with anticipation. I lifted my leg and propped my foot on the wall in front of me. I gently poked the spheres into my pussy hole. While I was there, I fingered my clit and gave myself a tiny yet pleasurable orgasm.

Pleased at how the experiment seemed to be working so far. Here it was, only 6 AM, and I was out of bed, showered and happy ‒ never before heard of on any given morning, let alone on a Monday!

The rest of the morning chores passed in a roused haze. With my mind centered on the lightly vibrating orbs thrilling my pelvis, even the odious task of dragging out the trash seemed agreeable. Ready to go, I said goodbye to the cat and practically ran to my car. Today was going to be a great day!

Once at my office, several coworkers commented on how happy and rested I looked. I thanked them for the compliments and smiled to myself knowing that no one would ever guess the true cause. Since the joy is greater with movement, I found myself making excuses to get away from my desk. I made several trips to the photocopier, the fax machine, the mailroom, and the soda machine all so that I delight in my surreptitious enjoyment.

Blissfully the day continued in a state of sensual euphoria. I found enjoyment in all the tedious, annoying day-to-day tasks. Even the sight of my boss walking toward me failed to evince the usual nauseous feeling. Instead, I smiled, confident and serene with my naughty erotic secret.

All day the ecstasy built up inside me, colouring my thoughts, tinting them lascivious. By the end of the day, I was intoxicated with self-induced lust. I rushed home in orgiastic glee. Since my little gems had brought me such pleasure throughout the day, it seemed only fitting that they should be removed and replaced in the case with grateful fanfare.

Once inside my sanctum, I poured myself a glass of wine, drew a hot bath with lots of bubbles and lit several candles. I gazed at myself in the mirror as I stripped, seeing that I did indeed look contented and relaxed. I stepped into the tub and immersed myself in the sudsy water. For the second time that day, I pleasured my clit with my fingers; this time leisurely.

As I neared climax, I plunged my fingers into my pussy in search of my little treasures. My fingertips pushed them against my cervix sending a jolt of excruciatingly pleasurable pain, which tipped me over the edge. The force of my orgasmic contractions pushed the balls out into my palm.

Now ready for bed, pleased that my experiment proved such a success, I am already looking forward to next Monday.

CuriousAries67 49F

10/3/2005 7:51 pm

Valley my luv! Glad to see you back in commenting mode. I've missed your wit and criticism. ~Aries

MisterPriapus 57M
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10/4/2005 3:02 am


Wow! I took real balls to make this pubic experiment a public experience... but I suppose that goes without saying (Naturally prompting a Comment from me on said fact)!

Fabulous idea, wearing balls to work- personally, I got into the habit years ago, and simply can't imagine any other way to get thru the day...

Very sensuously written, & the L'il Cap'n is pleased to report; "Ahoy, avast thar, and Ungk-yugck-yugck-yugck-yugck..."


Been a while since they last let me out into polite society. Resurfacing, catching a breath, & catching up.

And while I got my Broad-Brimmed Pimping Hat on, could I cajole all of y'all to Comment on, Alone In A Cloud? It's probably the best thing that I've written!



AughtMusedSpill 48M

10/5/2005 4:50 am

You're probably the only person who would want a week of Mondays!

CuriousAries67 49F

10/5/2005 1:38 pm

Tedzilla~ thanks for chiming in! After the way this particular Wednesday has gone, yes... a week's worth of that mythical Monday woud be lovely.

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