Sentimental Lady  

CuriousAries67 49F
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10/5/2005 2:10 am

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Sentimental Lady

In the wee small hours of morning, drowsily I reach for you. Where I should find your warm, smooth belly I find only cold, cotton sheet. Sleep evaporates and eludes as I become conscious of your absence. You shared my bed, my heart, my life only to disappear.

meat7035 46M

10/8/2005 9:56 pm

I had a dream.
I was laying next to the most sensual woman I've met.
I climbed out of bed.. quitely... put a cotton sheet on the silky ones and watch her sleep (after a tiring night).
Drowsily, I see her reach for my belly ...
If she only knew how fulfilling this was.
Her naked body...,
the cotton sheet,
my thoughts of her fulfilling my fantasies.

I better wake up, it's time to go

wow what a dream

CuriousAries67 49F

10/10/2005 7:04 pm

M~ I can only repeat your last line... wow, what a dream.

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