Blister in the Sun  

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12/13/2005 9:31 am

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Blister in the Sun

Utter stupidity.

Well, at least that’s what youth is for ‒ or so I’ve been told.

One beautiful July days about a dozen years ago, a friend of mine and I were out wandering one of the parks that make up the “Emerald Necklace” around Boston. The day was truly gorgeous, one of those mythical perfect summer days: the sky a clear, cerulean-blue background for the golden sun. Dog walkers, Frisbee players, roller bladers, bicyclists, sunbathers were all out and about enjoying the day.

As we walked, my friend and I discussed the sheer stupidity of having come out on this lovely day without our bathing suits under our shorts and t-shirts. Looking around at the shirtless men and the micro-bikini wearing women engaged in all of the above-mentioned activities, we decided that removing our shirts and exposing our bras would not constitute a shocking and/or punishable-by-law-type offense.

Finding a nice spot by the river, we took off our t-shirts, placed them on the ground and settled down for a bit of sunbathing ourselves. As we correctly assumed, no one paid us the least bit of attention. We spent, undisturbed and unmolested, the better part of two hours out basking in the afternoon sun. An idyllic scene: two early-twenties, nubile young lasses unselfconsciously airing their wares as it were; one raven-haired and olive skinned, the other… auburn and alabaster.

And it was an exquisite day - as was the pain from the sunburn I, the ivory goddess, endured.

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