Of short skirts, and what is under them.  

CuntSlurpa 45M
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3/17/2005 11:37 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Of short skirts, and what is under them.

One thing I've noticed about living in Florida is that the generally warm temperatures mean a lot of short sexy skirts. Perhaps it's just me being horny, but I've often wondered how many of those lovely ladies aren't wearing any underwear. Occasionally, if I think I can check without being seen, I can't help but try and sneak a peek. So far, either I've seen knickers, or the light has not been good enough to know for sure. I hope that one of these days I'll have more luck. Better yet, perhaps I'll be in the right place and the lady in question won't mind me looking.

So, ladies, care to comment. Do you go knickerless sometimes just for the fun of it? If so, does the fact that it is warm mean you are more likely to go without? Have you ever intentionally let someone else (aside from your date) see?

Cathy_Dave 54M/54F

3/18/2005 4:24 pm

Every now and then I enjoy wearing very short skirts....stockings....garter....no panties.....usually when me and my husband are away on what we call a dirty weekend. Feels soooo sexy not to wear panties at times.....but....have I ever intentionally let a guy I don't know have a peek....no I haven't....not saying guys haven't been able to though. Sometimes being dressed like that you tend to forget that if a guy is behind you on an escalator he can look up under my skirt......or when I think no one is looking and I adjust my garter lifting my skirt a little too high........and then there was once on a dirty weekend that I went shopping for some sexy lingerie.......I dropped an outfit that I was looking at and without thinking just bent over to pick it up.....the guy behind me was very happy with the view he got.......lol.....intentional no......careless yes.....don't dress like that often and tend to forget the guys are not going to miss a chance to take a peek.......Cathy

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