Guilty pleasures  

CuntSlurpa 45M
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10/11/2005 11:08 am

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Guilty pleasures

What is it about most people that makes them try and hide the fact that they enjoy sex? Obviously anyone on this site is at least turned on to the fact that sex is fun, but even here too many people (including me) feel the need to hide behind profiles that hide at least part of who we are.

I believe that in most cases it is simple guilt. We were brought up in a society that promotes sex, but at the same time tells us that we should expect the "happily ever after" scenario of finding one perfect partner with whom we will live happily for the rest of our life. Unless you're very lucky, you probably won't be able to find both, which leads to the guilt.

If you love your partner, but your sex life is boring, then you feel guilty for masturbating or enjoying pornography. If you don't love the person you take to bed, then you can end up feeling guilty for taking your pleasure with them, even though they may also want nothing more than a good fuck.

So what is the solution? I haven't a clue, but I do wish that society as a whole would make up its mind! Until then, I will probably continue to visit this web site whenever I don't feel too guilty about doing so. Perhaps one of these days I'll even get over the guilt enough to set up another real-life meeting with one or more of its members, and once more feel the excitement of having sex with someone who isn't too guilty to admit they want and enjoy it! Until then, I'll just carry on looking of the pictures and dream that I am a participant, instead of a horny guilt-ridden observer.

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