Finding local bloggers.  

CuntSlurpa 45M
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4/14/2005 12:47 pm

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Finding local bloggers.

While I love reading the blogs of people from around the world, I am also curious to read the blogs of other people living in Florida (like buckaroobanzi35). Why? Because in their blogs they may mention (or hint at) good places to visit, or parties that they plan to attend. I also find it fun to see pictures, or read descriptions of people "in action" and try to (or be able to) identify where they were playing!

Unfortunately, at least at the moment AdultFriendFinder does not offer any way to search Blogs geographically. So, if you're in Florida - especially the Suncoast area (Tampa to Venice), or if you would also like to be able to search for local bloggers - leave a comment. Perhaps if there's enough interest AdultFriendFinder may even add that feature.

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