A little erotic fiction - Getting Even (Part 1)  

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A little erotic fiction - Getting Even (Part 1)

I don't know about you, but I enjoy reading and writing erotic fiction. Here is a work-in-progress story. Let me know what you like (or don't like) and if you want to read more.

Susan's eyes glinted wickedly as she waited. So, her stupid deadbeat husband had screwed around on her had he? Fucked another woman, then had the audacity to think that he could come home, confess everything and crawl back into her bed. Well it wasn't going to be that easy. He was going to pay for his mistake. Right now he was at work, or supposed to be. Susan didn't really care any more if he was or not.
Of course, it was possible that nothing would happen this afternoon, but Susan thought there was a good chance that her short sundress would be admired by her visitors, and depending on how they behaved at least one of them would get the opportunity to admire her underwear too. She smiled to herself. If things went really well, perhaps she'd let them see more.
Suddenly there was a knock at the door. Susan took a deep breath to calm herself, then opened it. Hopefully Bob and his two friends wouldn't realize that she had been standing there waiting for them, daydreaming about what might happen.
"Hi!" She purred, "I'm glad you guys could come over. Do come in, and make yourself at home."
She opened the door just enough to let them in, and was pleased that all three of the guys looked appreciatively at her cleavage as they passed. Bob, in particular, allowed his eyes to wonder all over her body, before finally allowing those dark brown eyes to meet hers. For a moment, Susan felt almost uncomfortable. Surely he couldn't have guessed that she had fantasized about letting him undress her this afternoon, and yet there was something in those eyes that made her feel as if she were already naked.
"The TV is in here," Susan said, and walked towards the family room acutely aware of the six eyes watching her every move. Her heart was pounding so loudly it felt as if everyone in the room must be able to hear it. Realistically, Susan knew that in all likelihood nothing would happen. The guys would watch their game, drink a few beers, and leave without even knowing that they could have enjoyed exploring the intimate curves and folds of her body. But what if they did realise?
"Can I get you a beer or something?" she offered.
"Sure," replied Bob. "I'd love a beer."
"Me too," replied the well-dressed muscular armed chap sitting alone in the love seat. If Susan remembered correctly, his name was William, although he was more commonly known as Billy, and he was actually a doctor.
"Do you have any soda?" enquired the third, Jack, who Susan recognized vaguely as one of the teachers at her son's school.
"Sure. Pepsi, or Sprite?"
"Oh, I'm easy. Whatever's open."
"Well I'm easy too. Just let me know what you want and I'll open it for you." The words were out of Susan's mouth before her brain caught up with what she was saying. She wondered if he had noticed the double-entendre too.
"Sprite then." replied Jack.
As she got the beer and soda from the kitchen, Susan could hear their conversation. Apparently the guys hadn't noticed the intercom system in the corner of the room, or if they had they didn't realize that it was active.
"I think she was flirting with you! Didn't you notice how she said she would open anything for you?"
"Sure I noticed, but what else could I have done. If I knew her a bit better I could have joked about opening her legs, and seen what sort of response I got, but she might have meant it quite innocently."
"I don't think so. I think Bob's right, and she's looking for a man or two to get back at her husband. Silly ass. If I had a wife like her, who was happy banging me a couple of times a week I wouldn't even think of going any place else."
"You never know. Perhaps she's one of those women who don't like sex. After all, it seems like as soon as they get married most women think they don't have to put out any more."
"I don't know where the hell you got that idea from," Bob's voice boomed through the tinny speaker, "but in my experience if the wife doesn't want to fuck any more it's the husband's fault. He's just not taking the time to pay attention to her needs."
"So are you saying that she is flirting with Jack?"
"I'm not sure. I get the distinct impression that she is flirting with all of us. I think if we play our cards right at least one of us will get lucky before we leave here."
At that observation, Susan almost dropped the tray of drinks. Had she been so blatant?
"What do you mean, at least one of us?"
Susan didn't hear the reply as she carried the drinks to the family room, but it seemed as if the guys were more aware of what was possible than she thought they would be, and there was a good chance that her fantasy would soon come true. Just the thought of it made her feel a little giddy and wobbly. She hoped that it didn't show. It was one thing for her to know that she would probably enjoy having sex with one or all of the guys sat watching the game, but she didn't feel ready to let them know that. At least, not yet.
"So," said Susan brightly as she reentered the room, "What did I miss?"
"Oh nothing," replied Billy. "Well, nothing suitable for the ears of a lady like yourself."
Susan gave him a look. "What makes you think I'm the type of woman who would be offended by that sort of thing. You were probably talking about how hot some woman was, or wondering what it would take to get into her knickers." Bill looked slightly shocked. "Look," Susan continued, "I don't want you to change what you talk about just because I'm here too. Just think of me as one of the guys, except for the fact that I have tits and a pussy instead of a cock!"
The first half of the game passed uneventfully, except for a few crude comments about the cheerleaders, and Susan was beginning to wonder if she had misinterpreted her visitors, or if her comment about thinking of her as one of the guys had been taken too literally. Fortunately, the half time entertainment would soon change that.
"God, you have to love those legs!" commented Bob about one of the cheerleaders.
"Really?" smiled Susan, "What is it about them that is so great?"
"I guess it's the fact that you can see so much of them, and I always think about what's between them!"
"You can see a lot of my legs," commented Susan. "Are they sexy?"
"Well duh!" replied Jack. "Of course, I'd like to see more."
Susan raised one eyebrow. She hoped that she appeared calm, but her heart was racing. Perhaps Jack was just flirting, but he had given her a perfect opportunity to take things to the next level. She downed the remainder of the beer she had been nursing, then stood up in front of the TV.
"How much more would you like to see?" she enquired, grasping the hem of her dress and lifting it about an inch.
"More than that!" replied Bob. Susan raised the hem another couple of inches, watching the guys in front of her. The look on their face was priceless. A mixture if disbelief, anticipation, and pure lust. It was a long time since anyone had looked at Susan like that, and she felt a thrill run down her spine as she wondered just how far this would go.
Bill spoke next. "With cheerleaders, we at least get to see their underwear. I'm guessing there's at least six more inches before we get a glimpse of yours."
"Oh," responded Susan with a smile, "and what makes you think you'll get to see my panties?"
"Just a hunch, I guess. After all, you invited us here when you knew your husband would be out, and yet you seem to have got dressed up for us like you might for a date. I'm willing to bet that you're just dying to let us see the sexy lace underwear you've got on."
Susan's smile grew wider. Bill was right, of course, and letting them see her knickers was no worse than what the scumbag had done. Slowly she raised the dress until they all had a clear view. Bill had guessed right, she was wearing her flimsiest pair of lace-trimmed black silk panties. They kept her decent, but only just.
"Very nice," observed Bob. "May I have a closer look?"
For a moment, Susan was going to say no, but then she thought of the pain her husband's infidelity had caused and the fact that she hadn't been sexually satisfied for many months. Without lowering her dress, she walked over and stood in front of Bob.
"Is this close enough?" she asked, suddenly a little scared by what she was doing, and yet at the same time not wanting to stop.
"That's really for you to decide." replied Bob. "Perhaps this is close enough, but perhaps it's too close."
As Bob spoke, he reached up, and with a feather-light touch caressed Susan's leg just above the knee. Susan almost pulled away, before remembering that for all she knew her husband had touched his slut this way. Gently Bob stroked her leg as the other two guys watched in amazement. With each caress, Bob's hand moved higher up her leg. Susan knew that she should stop him, but she didn't want to. By now, Bob's fingers were only inches from her panties. Susan could almost feel Bill and Jack's eyes watching closely as she let Bob move his hand closer yet. Gently, he ran one finger along the outline of her knickers. At that moment, Susan knew for certain that if he touched her pussy there was no way she would be able to control her lust. She really should stop him, but his fingers felt so good.
Susan closed her eyes for a moment, picturing what might happen next. As she did so, she felt another hand, this time on her right leg instead of her left. It wasn't Bob's. This hand belonged to Bill. Susan shivered slightly as it too travelled closer and closer to her groin.
"Are you cold?" asked Jack's voice in her ear. Susan shook her head. "If you want us to stop, you only have to ask."
Susan remained silent, feeling the warmth of Jack's body beside her. She realized that he was pulling her dress up higher and higher. Susan let him slip it over her head, feeling the cool air waft around her bare torso. As she did so, she felt Bill's finger slip past the lace, pulling the thin fabric aside and exposing her womanhood for all to see.

SweetDarlinAngel 39F
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9/23/2005 3:20 pm

A very good start, I'd like to see where this story goes. You have started to weave a very good tale here. I hope you can keep it going. You definately have my attention.


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9/23/2005 9:52 pm

oh baby, i would love to see where this story leads. you certainly got my attention. talk a bout a great start to what is obviously a hot as hell story. looking forward to readig more from you cs ~

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