Hot Sweaty Sex!  

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8/12/2006 6:11 pm

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Hot Sweaty Sex!

When the sex is so good the sweat pour off of you like beads of water and you have to move you head so your sweat doesn't go into you partners eyes. Now that is the best kind best kind of sex when the people are so wrapped up in the act nothing nothing in the world doesn't matter. Now at one time in our live we have experience this some shape or form right maybe?

When having sex I like to concentrate on my mind, body and spirit so that control comes to play for me. Sorry but the most pleasureable thing in the world I think is hearing a woman reach orgasism serveral times during sex before I do. Hey she'll be more will to make your organism incredible too guys if you rock her world lol.

You don't need a monster cock to make a women reach total orgasimic pleasure! I've had sex in many different ways and places. I'm sure some of us can relate to some instances. I've had mfm, and ffm theesomes and the ladies rule during group sex they are very well organized and less jealous seems to come to play. But of course if your experienced enough and you not weak minded with your partners feeling, wants and needs. Then I'd suggest group sex to spruce up your relationships hey like anything it's a learning experience.

Plus you never know what kind of positive enlightment can develope with the right individuals. If you do make sure you partner is total honest and upfront or it won't work ok. Communication, cooperation,compassion and compromise are what I call the four C's in life. If you have these four basic building blocks with your partner great as they say pay it forward!

Hey if emotional attachment comes to play don't harbor those feelings inside otherwise fanasties not acted on or tried become perversions in the mind and can cause problems later on down the road. Love is to be added to not divided or subtracted. The only way the love for a freind,relationship or family member or whoever it might be should be taken away should only happen when I person dies. Of course we all know how it feels to loose someone in our lives close to us I am sure of that. But we are part of everthing and everyone in this world no matter what people say we are not separate from each other.

So indeed sex is only a way of showing and acting out our own humanities inside of us by expressing it to each other physically. Some so it only be just physical attraction. Others by emotional attachment and physical attraction. But I myself when rapped up in sex I use my mind, body, and my spirit to really connect with the person Iam with so the sex is incredible when I do.

Yes I've had some experience and training with tantra which is using the mind to connect the body ,mind and spirit together with focus and concentration. So yes we all have our ways and some are learned and some are gifts given to us when we were born. But I look at it this way how unique humans are in this world how different every pussy I ever fucked ever felt the same. Some close but no cigar. Humanity is the difference between us and the animals did you know that the human female is the only one in the whole animal kingdom that feel a sexual organism? Yes it's true look it up lol!

So I've learned more about sex from females in my growing up. A women know the body more than a man she is very in tune most women are with their own bodies. So when getting with a woman find out anyway you can what she likes. If she doesn't tell you and wants to explore her then do you homework get to it and do the work and find out. Or find out about her from close friends you may be able to trust to tell you if it doesn't bother her guys.

Eye contact and kissing are very important and sex is personal agreement between consenting adults so if you don't find out what she likes or what he likes then keep it and don't give up. Sex is open terrotory so no one knows it all but research and persistance are important ok.

So I am sure we are could make comments on here all day discussing our favorites things and places to have sex. Or what we like to do during sex but isn't sex something we all can do that is supposed to be exciting and fun to do with someone we want right?

So if any of you have any ideas to offer or something to say feel free to comment ok. I have a special lady in mind here in my inner circle of friends. I think she an awesome lady and I fanatasize down at the gym about her. While I am working out I think about her as my workout and my lifting seems to me more concentrated and focused. The energy of sex is very powerful and can be used to do many amazing thing in life if you use it the right way with respect and mutural understanding of each other.

Also she knows my fanasties already as well as I know her fanasty of being Gang Bang by me and my friends and I am more than willing to get that started. In fact I've told her many times already the first thing I want to do is bend her over the hood of her car and just pound the hell out of her pussy and ass! But I use patient and communication with her of course once in a while a disagreement might happen but if you have your communication going that will not happen if you all talk it out.

So if anyone couples, women or men have anything to mention about hot sweaty sex they like feel free to post a comment about it sex is be lived not locked up in a closet in our minds somewhere ok!

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