Morning Protein Shake  

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10/15/2005 1:59 pm

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Morning Protein Shake

Went to visit my bud with the 8"+ x 6" uncut cock. A nice way to start the morning. I haven't had a cock in a while so I dropped to my knees and attacked his cock like a starving man. I kissed it, likced it, sucked it, smacked myself in the face with it, smelled it, felt it and savored the taste and feel of it in my mouth. I then started licking and sucking his balls. He straddled one leg on the chair to give me better access. I got very close to his manhole and was tempted to rim him. He's straight but didn't seem to mind my tongue getting close; I think I'll try it tommorrow. I could swallow more of hime than the last time, but when he starts fucking my face, I end up gagging big time. I love it but I want to be able to bite the big ones. After a while he shot his load. I let some of hit hit his belly, then pulled his cock to my lips and watched as a couple of squirts hit my tongue. I got greedy and put his cock back in my so I could eat and swallow his cum. His cum has a nice flavor and not bitter aftertaste. After he drained his balls, I licked his cock clean and licked and ate the cum on his belly. Damn it tastes good! I

Since I can't get off there, I went to the Slidell XXX store and previewed a gay video and worked myself up for an hour before I shot a massive load of cum. It shot over my head and hit my face and neck before subsiding.

The best part is I go back tommorrow! Now I need to do some research on how to deep throat big dicks without gagging.

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