Finally - Carolina Cum!!  

CumWithMe1956 60M
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9/16/2005 12:25 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Finally - Carolina Cum!!

Had my first taste of Carolina cum today. Went to 321 News on Hwy 74 in Gastonia, NC around 2:30 PM. About 8 or so cars. You pay $5 to get to the booths. Some have glory holes. I found one and waited. Lots came in to the adjoining booth but when I tapped, they left. I thing there are more suckers than suckees. Also a lot of older guys - probably regulars. I got to suck 2 cocks. Both short and floppy. I sucked like hell but no hard ons and no cum. This happened often in New Orleans - older guys who can't get erect or climax. A waste. Where are those decent-sized hard dicks?

After a while, I left and went down the road to Laura's Video. They have a downstairs area that has booths (1 set of glory holes) and a theatre. $10 for 2 hours or $15 all day (entrance/exit priveleges). I was there from 4:00 to 6:30 PM hoping for the after work crowd. No traffic until 6:00. A good ol' boy comes in. He goes to one of the glory hole booths. I go to the other and tap through the hole. Through the hole comes a nice sized, uncut cock (love 'em). I suck it for a while and then he pulls out. Damn! I leave the booth and we kind of hang around (no one else around). I go into another booth and he is nearby. I ask hime if I can finish the job. He comes into the booth and drops his pants. I resume sucking his cock. I play with the foreskin and lick and suck his balls (shaved) and lovingly suck his cock. It's nice and thick and the cockhead is hot. I continue sucking him and I hear him utter something about coming - but I already feel and taste his hot, bitter cum hit my tongue. I swallow what I can and savor the rest on my tongue. I keep my sucking as he finishes spurting. I then lick and clean his cock, paying attention to the area behind his foreskin. He thanks me and leaves.

I weait around for more but nothing. I find a nice cock sucking video, jack off and shoot a load of cum 4 feet.

The key is to find the best time. I will try to go back on Saturday late morning, noon and early afternoon or Friday night. I have to return to Louisiana on Monday. I really want to get my ass FUCKED before I return. Don't know what action I will find back home.

P.S. That Good Old Boy was clean and shaved his balls. I was impressed!

cryptonavyguy 32M
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9/16/2005 2:04 am

nice story you really made me hard

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