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2/19/2006 4:58 pm

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So, I sign on and browse around, not looking for anything specific, just 10 minutes to spare and why not. Checking out the blogs, I see "we" have written one, SINCE WHEN! Five minutes later, having read how her heart felt when we met, I left for work, so, so, happy. You see the 20 years I spent in my previous maze, were with a communicator, loud, opinionated and passionless. The beautiful woman that wrote our blogs first chapter, her feelings on how we met, is an introvert, yet she communicated more in those few words, than in my total previous life. Together we have escaped from our previous, so called acceptable personas and yet, we still succeed as professionals, as parents, as adults, we just do it with the same smile I left my house with. I'm keeping this smile and plan on spending my days giving her a reason to have one too. I intend to honor her and add my own chapter to our blog, to let her see how she made me feel. These words are just a comment to let her know she touched my heart. To all reading, why is this relevent to you, our story? I'm not really sure, but before meeting her, I'd had some great sex, mindblowing, but always seratonin enhanced "new" sex, or the days my dick let me be stud, normally numbed in some way. You see, after five years since escaping the maize, sex with her is REALLY still getting better and never mundane and predictable. This should not be possible by the rules. So, if this is not you, and you men are still cumming and not orgasming (yes orgasming) and you women are not still getting wet at the thought of sex with your MANY YEARS together partner, perhaps you need to escape your maze

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2/19/2006 9:02 pm

Great thoughts to ponder...

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2/27/2006 12:21 pm

thank you baddavex2, for stopping by. i know this is his, but i appreciate it all the same. his words touch me so deeply and feel lucky to have found this, what we have, and hope to see it grow. i wish you the best. follow your heart, and never settle. there is so much life out there to live. best of luck. pls visit again.


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