Desire Overcomes Rational Thought  

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2/23/2006 7:30 pm

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Desire Overcomes Rational Thought

as i sat in my closed office, dreaming of that AMAZING kiss, every inch of my former essence seemed to dissipate, replaced by a new yearning. what is this i desire? is it the knowledge i now have that there is more out there than the dark halls of this maze i travel daily?

the Lure of him. this is what i feel. may signify more in my existence, but right here, right now, i want, i need, him. he has so many answers for me. and he has no idea. little do i know, i hold the same for him.

my senses run rampant, and control, i have not. i want to feel his naked body against mine. intertwined, holding tight, creating the passion that i only now dream about.

the day before leaving town, i spontaneously demand his presence at an establishment near the office. he anxiously agrees. we both outwardly sound so confident, in control, yet little do we know, we are both crumbling with anxiety, nervousness, and the utmost desire to impress.

we arrive to our room, both overwhelmed with desire yet hesitant. the hesitancy is conquered by our desire when we look into one another's eyes, embrace one another, and drown within the kiss of the century. one within the other, and then some.

our tongues dance, lips mingle, and hands wander. he holds me close, and i FEEL the level of desire he has for me. my loins moisten, and self control relinquishes all rights.

without thought, i remove his clothes, kissing his neck, his chest, pulling his shorts off, and feeling he amazingly hard manhood which longs for attention. attention, i give it.

control, he takes over! removes my clothes, his hands wander, and as he stares me in the eyes, kisses me as i've never been kissed before. he hand feels the amazing wetness that longs for him.

with even more control, he pushes me back on to the bed, slips between my legs, and drinks from the fountain that he as created. this feeling of utmost pleasure i have NEVER known! dear GAWD, is such pleasure permissable in this world? is it possible??? at this moment, it is ME, and it is fabulous. but makes me want MORE! how can this be?

i lsy there, touch the back of his head, ask him to look me in the eye, and sincerely tell him how much i want him inside me. i want to be ONE with THE One who has triggered this new life, new existence, which i seemingly have stumbled upon.

he rises above me, with the sexiest grin, touching me with such passion, and falling upon me while his amazing manhood, slides slowly deep inside me, touching my soul, touching every part of me, and creating the yearning for more. more LIFE, more SOUL, more EXPLORATION outside the maze, and more SEX!!!! but not JUST sex, but the experience that only he has shown me.

our movements and bodies became ONE that amazing day. he touched every inch of me, showed me true passion, and little did i know, i showed the same to him. we both knew, we must have more of this. we yearned for it, we deserved it. how is such pleasure possible? legal? however, it is! and we must endulge more.

for he is the gatekeeper of my soul, this i have discovered. so many questions, so little time. i WANT more than should be permissible in life, yet this WANT overpowers my existence.

sitting he breathless, i ponder the next step, the next words. why? when? how? oh please, quench my thirst. tell me this is not a daydream, and i will not want for not.

he has pierced my soul, and i beg for him to pierce it more! the deeper, the better.

Plano69 54M

2/24/2006 12:29 am

Oh Lord... That was so hot... and it reminded me of someone very special...
Excuse me while I go and polish my trophy? LOL!

CumJoinUs8 50M/45F

2/24/2006 5:45 am

Thanks Plano. Got a little excited myself writing it! Hope your trophy is nice and shiny now. Amazing how simple words can trigger the most amazing sensations. And how certain indivuals can create the desire to put together the most amazing words. How's that eternal fire burning? THanks again.

Plano69 54M

2/26/2006 11:35 pm

I think that eternal fire will be the end of me... LOL!
But then, is there anything else in life better to pursue?
And yes, the trophy got pretty shiny...

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