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9/27/2005 7:22 am

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hunnybunny63 This Is Just For You

I saw that you had viewed me and my blog, I wonder what you're thinking? Do you have a blog, why not put some posts there for me to anycase, I want to raise your heart rate, and do something special for you right here. Please comment just to let me know if you liked this or

There is nothing quite as exciting as the thought of sudden, unexpected intimacy where both of you are totally comfortable, in the moment and just want the other to take everything they need. As a giver, I feel the most excitement when my partner is so willing to receive. That's when I can take, that's when I can get lost in you, explore you, see how high we can go.

I imagine we meet for coffee, say one of the malls around the city. You next to me in a quite corner with smart skirt on and panty hose or stockings. A sexy slit in your skirt reveals a little thigh, and calls to my hand which aches to stroke you. We sip our coffee, slowly chatting, our eyes noticing different little things about each other. I watch your eyes, I love eye contact, I am not shy to take in the form of your breasts, to admire the curl of your smile and see your legs and image what the soft skin would feel like on my lips.

As the warm coffee washes over my tongue, I wonder what the warmth of my tongue would do to your soft warm mound. I move closer to you and place my arm around you, tell you I want to kiss you, really kiss you, so deeply. Our lips meet briefly and our faces part so our eyes can meet. This seems to go on foreve as we kiss, neither really believing we are finally together, our eyes confirming the truth, and the beat of our hearts confirming the need within.

As our lips meet again, I push against you a little harder, my arms pulling you close, my hand finally finding your soft thigh, beneath that sexy slit in your skirt.

I feel your breath quicken and as you inhale deeply, then my fingertips reach the top of your thigh. I love to stroke you there, to excite you, to show you how I want to touch you gently, but deliberately.

My hand comes up higher and caresses your breasts as my lips move to your neck. You glance around but nobody notices the two lovers hidden in the shaded corner. I ask you if you'd like to walk down by the river, so gather ourselves and leave, walking into the warm sunshine.

We chat all the way to the river, and stroll a while, but finally sit upon the grass and just look across the water. You seem to be waiting, and my eyes are drawn to you again. I move behind you, so as you sit, you can lean back into my arms, which encircle you. I loosen the top buttons of your blouse and my hands reach in to cup your warm breasts. My fingers circle your nipples as my lips and teeth explore your neck.

Your head tilts back and I whisper in your ear how I want you. My hands love to cup your womanly form, and my excitement is ready to overflow as my firmness pushes against your back.

Tell me you want me to write more of this for you and I will...xxxxxx

redmustang91 57M  
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9/27/2005 8:06 am

Very sexy, get a room!

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