MY WIFE.......  

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3/16/2006 8:04 am
MY WIFE.......

My 'WIFE' is soooo cool, a few weeks ago, I was at the Super Bowl Party, I was pretty drunk. My wife was sober, she watched me get pretty drunk, she was sitting in the front bar at a table and was chatting to this 'Hot' young bird. I didnt notice for awhile, but when I did, I sat down with them too. She was there waiting on friends and the boyfriend, after close to an hour, she was pretty drunk and pissed off that no-one showed up.
The wife suggested that we all go back to one of my mates place with a pool, that was cool with me. So we all started heading for my mates place, we arrived but me mate was still at the pub, I sms'ed him and he was on the way, so we waited. But he never showed, so I suggested everyone comes to our place for pizza and drinks, about 10 people showed up. We sat around outside for ages, then everyone started to go, alcohol was makin everyone tied.

My wife took the last couple of people home and left me and our 'hot' new friend at home. As soon as my wife closed the door, our new friend jumped me and started kissing, I was pretty horny and drunk and went with the flow. I took her top off, pulled her pants down, and stripped as well. We pashed for a bit longer then she wanted me inside her, she was pretty pissed and could hardly walk, so I picked her up over my shoulder and carried her to the bedroom.

Once inside the room, we fucked for ages, I heard the back door open, the wife was home, she knew what was going on and left as be. I came out and invited her in, she came in, stripped off and hoped in to bed beside our new friend.

What a great night, an awesome threesome, we all fucked for hours. We exchanged details in the early hours of the morning and the wife and I drove our friend home. I found out that she was orginally picked up for everyone at the party, but because of the delay, I was the one to lay her...... WHATA WIFE HEY

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