Wife met a Guy at Park on 08/14/06  

Cuckold26101 50M/44F
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8/15/2006 4:49 am

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8/19/2006 12:14 pm

Wife met a Guy at Park on 08/14/06

Well i have been chatten to this guy, I gave him my wife's handle,they hit it off and he asked her to come meet him today at 2:45pm,she said sure and told him where to meet at.This really made me horney just thinking of her going by herself to meet him,that I wanted to put her on the desk and pump her really good.It is now 3:05pm shes been with him for 20 minutes now.She called me at 3:33 and said she was headed back that her meeting went good.She spent 48 minutes with him.At 3:40pm my wife arrived back and she was excited about meeting him and also excited about going by herself.So well see where this goes from here.

rm_luvemsmooth3 58M
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8/15/2006 4:35 pm

Oh yes, I forgot. I fuck like a billy goat with a horse cock? At least that's what the southern girls say about me!

rm_luvemsmooth3 58M
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8/15/2006 4:33 pm

Not only would I like to see "what happened" but I'd like to meet up with her in a park and I'd not mistake what to do next! I've got a rather large one and it doesn't unload very fast nor does it loose it's ammo after it does unload. It's long, hard, thick and strong and the second time is always better than the first. No brag, I've been accused of having one that's "not exactly small,' and why doesn't it go soft after it cums? Send me a message and we'll try to get together?

TzarsAmuseChant 41M
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8/15/2006 1:57 pm

good luck to everyone involved.

Siana1967 49F
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8/15/2006 5:34 am

Is your wife going to post the details of her little meeting? What a lucky girl that you're such a good husband.

69baby75 44F

8/15/2006 5:31 am

well i cant wait to see what happens.

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