Weekend Sex (Sat. 12 Aug.)  

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8/14/2006 4:12 am
Weekend Sex (Sat. 12 Aug.)

Wife and I was at home, She had just gooten out of the shower and came into bedroom walking nude, She stood by my side of the bed and put one foot up on the edge of the bed so that i could see her nice pussy,This made me so hard that i started precumming.I then stood up and pulled off my clothes and she grabed a hold of my dick and stroked it, Then she got up on all fours on my side of bed,Then she lowered her chest to the bed and told me to give it to her, I then was behind her standing with my dick at attention, I then slipped my dick into her hot wet pussy and began to pump her good,It was very tight going in I was swollen very much from her being nude and also all the teaseing she was doing threw the week about how she would like her exhusband fuck her and how she would like to have some hot sex with another male in a motel room etc.. that all had me swollen.I then began pumping her hard and deep she was moaning tremendously from it and was enjoying the hard,thick dick very much,she was getting very wet and hornier.You could feel her haven orgasms from her pussy.She said to me when i blow put it on her ass, well wasnt long after that i did blow and i did put it wright on her ass and it ran down her ass an onto her pussy and it was a large load,once all the cum made it down onto her pussy it looked like a very nuce cream pie and then she asked me to clean her up,So i did and just touching her swollen pussy she started haven more orgasms, she said she was still rolling with them..we really enjoyed ourselves that day.

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