Adult Store  

Cuckold26101 49M/44F
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9/5/2006 4:09 am
Adult Store

On saturday 5th sept. wife an i went to the adult store at the traffic circle in parkersburg,wv.,We went there to get a couple new toys and movies.Once we got there it was about 7pm and when we got inside the gentlemen at the desk was very poliet and helpful.My wife and I was looking for a new Viberating Dildo and a Anal Plug.Well my wife after a few minutes found the dildo she was seeking, it was red jelly type thick an about 6-7 inches long and then we found a electric anal plug that was about 3-4 inches long.We then searched around the store for some adult viedos and she found a viedo of gangbangs and i found one on creampies,we both found everything we needed to have some extra fun at times.But we will have to say that the store clerk was very helpful and talkative with us.

rm_masterchaz30 48M
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12/1/2006 8:13 am

I wonder....have you ever watched your wife be fucked in a booth? Or glory hole? Or better yet, a private room?


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