What do you think about my penis  

CubanPapi45 30M
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8/18/2006 9:28 am
What do you think about my penis

I dont know how to start this but im gonna give it a shot.Im a begginer at this page so i dont really know anyone and i havnt met anyone from here.But let me tell you a lil bit about my self ima 20 year man looking for sex all the time.Im horny most of the day.When i see a fine fuckebale women in the mall i get horny that easy.I would even want to pull her over and take her the bathroom bang her and say bye.But let me get to what i really wanna fulfill.First thing, i ant a women to tell me to her BUT IT WONT BE if you know wut i mean.next i would like to have2 girls all for my self, i wanna be able to fuck them in the ass right after another.Another thing women might like to know is that im interested in older women as well.like mothers.i think a mother would put it on me better then any one.AND BY THE WAY NO WOMEN HAS PUT IT ON ME. Ive never had sex with agirl and afterwrds say OMG.Im still waiting on that moment. Well if you like wut you read and wanna get to know me dont be afraid i dont bite.

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