Vegas, Baby  

CruelKitty 45F
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4/23/2006 10:09 am
Vegas, Baby's my recap of Vegas.
We had a late flight out of OKC to Vegas. It left here at about 10:30 pm. We flew America West and it was the smallest plane I have ever been on. It seated maybe 50 people. It wasn't a bad flight though. J and I talked the whole way there and then realized that nobody else on the plane was really talking, so they probably heard every word we said. And we talked alot. Mostly about J and her man and their engagement. They have set a date for July 2007. Finally. After what she told me on the plane though, I'm wondering if they'll make it that far. I really hope they do. We also talked about how horny she's been. This was a precurser to the weekend. I decided for her that if she hooked up with anyone, the guy would really have to be worth it. I ended up policing her man selection.
We arrived in Vegas and got our luggage and a shuttle to Treasure Island where Diva and her friend (we'll call her Hooker) were already staying. They'd been there since Friday night. Diva left a room key for us at guest services and a note that they were out at Pure @ Caesar's Palace. Then we got a phone call that they were headed back to their room and when they got there we just kinda caught up with them. Hooker had met up with a guy (Charlie) and he was coming over with his friend (Billy). So they got there and J, Diva, Billy and I left to check out the bars in TI. We went to Kahunaville. This was my kind of place. The bartender was awesome. He was flipping bottles and glasses like on Cocktail. He sprayed some whipped cream into the air and it landed on his bald head. I told him it was my birthday and he gave me a free drink. So I licked the whipped cream off his head and gave him a big tip. There weren't alot of people there but it was cool. There were 2 young Canadien couples. I danced like an idiot with one of the guys. He was cute in a goofy kinda way. Too bad he was married. one drink at Kahunaville mixed with the Presidente and Coke I had in the room started having it's effect on me. We started strolling in the casino and passed a table of 3 guys. Well, when I've had sufficient alcohol, I become very friendly and talkative. I stopped and started talking to these guys. Me and J were flirting with them and Diva and Billy just sat at a slot machine and waited. Eventually, they got tired of waiting and left. So there's me and J and the 3 guys. One of them left leaving 2 for us. So we all moved to the bar and talked some more. I thought for sure I was gonna get some. Well, it turns out that the guy I was talking to was playing wingman for his buddy who was trying to hook up with J. That sucked and really kinda hurt my feelings. This came out after I asked him if his friend thought he'd get some from J. So I thought I was wasting time. The cute guy left and I was trying to get J to move on with me, but when I went to the elevator they wouldn't let me up without a room key. So I had to go back. Well, we ended up going up with the last guy who was left. We get to the room and there's the cute guy trying to sleep. I really didn't want to mess with him knowing he didn't want me, so I laid kinda weird on his bed, like with my feet to his head. He told me I could lay up with him, so I moved and he snuggled me. It was weird, really.
Sadly, this was the highlight of the trip. HA. I had some regrets that I didn't talk to a guy that I really wanted to talk to. I kept seeing him with his friends at the Sahara. We met another 2 guys--one from Minn and one from New Zealand. The guy from New Zealand gave J crap about her man's financial status. Well, J's not into her man for his looks, but they sure don't hurt any. He looks like Nick Lachey and the New Zealander looked like a cross between Bill Murray and Tom Hanks. Think she's gonna risk that one?
We went to Pure one night, Coyote Ugly another night and other random places throughout the week. Don't buy drinks in Vegas. Shots of tequila at Pure were $10. I paid $9.75 for a Crown and Coke and I got a stronger one for free at the dollar slots. I guess in reality it cost me $2.00. $1.00 for slot play and $1.00 tip to the bar maid. We did bring our own bottles from home, so that helped defray the cost a little. make a long story short, I didn't get laid in Vegas. But I still had a great time.
Oh yeah, as for Diva and Billy....well, Diva had her first white boy. It was pretty much what she expected. He couldn't keep it up. That's not the first time that's happened to her, and not just with a white guy. So I'm wondering if the guys just aren't really attracted to her, but they want to get laid anyway. Is that why they go soft?
And Hooker...I'm calling her Hooker because she kept getting with Charlie because she wanted some money out of him. I don't think he even had any. White boy had to give him a ride to her hotel. They were local boys. That just floored me when Diva said she was trying to get money from him. Well, like Sunday night we met them for dinner and she had met with another local older white guy who spent $75 on their dinner. I'm almost jealous that I don't have those kinds of skills to get money from men. Nobody ever spends money on me. Well, maybe once or twice.

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