The Drunk Ho Hits the Town  

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2/26/2006 9:56 am

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The Drunk Ho Hits the Town

Last night was the finale of Diva's birthday week. We started out in Del City at a Taste of the Carribbean. I had some jerk chicken and it was the bomb. I brought along about 50 jello shots to share with Diva's friends. Well, in true Diva Style, she was about an hour late to her own birthday party. Some of the other folks there had to entertain us. A buttload of women and 2 guys, one married, one the ex boyfriend of one of the other chicks there.
After dinner, we headed out to the club Pure. I gotta tell ya, it sucked ass. They pretty much only played techno music and nobody really danced to it. You'd think that when they start playing another type of music and everybody gets out and dances that they'd get the hint and play more of that. Well, after everyone started dancing, they switched back to the other crap and never changed it back. Anyway, Pure is this club where the Hornets players like to hang out. One came in last night, flanked by about 4 cops. But it still sucked. I think he even left after taking a stroll around. Anyway...there were some cute guys there, but they were all stuck up, so I didn't meet anyone. We all agreed that we wouldn't be back there on Saturday night. Apparently, it's ok on Wednesday night, when the drinks are only $3.00. But I've only been once and I didn't even like it then. I guess it's just not my kinda place.
So I got home around 1:30. I got online, started chatting with a few people..started to blog, but didn't get very far. A message from Marty pops up. He's just chillin, laying a few tracks. He finally asks if I wanna come over and listen and fuck around. I didn't expect anything after telling him that I have a fever blister. He didn't respond for a bit, until finally he asked where? Huh? I don't have THAT kinda herpes's on my lip, dumbass. Are they called fever blisters if they're anywhere else? I hate having these things, and I've dealt with it since I was a kid. Gladly, they're rare. I only get it maybe twice a year, if that often. Back on finally, he answers back by asking if I just wanna get eaten and fuck. You're a savior, Marty. This man loves to eat my pussy. So I get over there and we talk for a while, he plays some of his music for me and before I know it, his head is between my legs and I'm luvin it. Always do. I wish I could put into words everything that he does for me. Let's just say he leaves no stone unturned. He explores every last inch of my pussy with his tongue, his fingers, his nose. This isn't a guy who spreads my lips for a clear shot of the clit. He doesn't even use his hands unless he's got a finger in my hole. He loves it and it shows. Bless him, I must have taken forever last night. What a trooper. When he finally got his turn, he was rock hard and I was so wet, it practically slipped right in. The problem is, he has a huge cock. I've never been able to take him easily, and he still has to be gentle with had moments where it felt awesome, but then came the pain. This is why I usually prefer to suck him off. Luckily for me, he didn't take long either. We laid back and talked for a bit longer until I asked him to eat me again. He was more than happy to do it. So my night out came down to this:

5 home made Jello Shots = 50 cents
Jerk Chicken & fries = $6.95
Entry to Pure = $5.00
1 Red Bull & Strawberry Vodka = $7.00
2 Tequila Shots = $10.00
Hot Steamy Sex with Marty = Priceless

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