Sunday Boredom  

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1/22/2006 3:43 pm

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Sunday Boredom

It's Sunday...perfect day to just lay in bed..but that's no fun without someone with you. I sent a text message to ol Marty to see if he wanted to play. He's at work until 6:30. He wanted me to come to his job and see him. I considered it. I could have given him a BJ in the bathroom. I'm just not feeling that generous today. So I've been online chatting people up. There are a few people that I'm really interested in..but they're hard to read. One says he's interested..he just doesn't really act like he is. Then there's the one who kinda acts like he's interested...but I don't know how to play that. I'd love to see him again..but damn it, he smokes. I hate that! I think just for fun, I'll do a post about him someday.

So anyway, how do I cure my boredom? I masterbated this morning. Had the hardest time getting off. Even when I did, it wasn't that great. I WANT to so bad...but my body isn't willing. I need some mental stimulation.

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