Random Sex Partners  

CruelKitty 45F
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9/7/2005 10:56 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Random Sex Partners

Something else I've noticed...if you post in the evening, say between 7 and 9 pm...your blog doesn't get as many views...less views, less comments..what's a girl to do? Maybe I should quit my job so I can be a full time blogger. On a side note, just wondering..what kind of things do people like to read in blogs? Do you get sick of people bitching about the quality of people they meet here? Ha ha..reminds me...the other day, Labor Day, since I didn't have much else to do, I spent alot of time online. I got hit up by some guy who was babysitting his 4 year old niece and wanted me to come over. He also mentioned that he was getting drunk and the little 4 year old was watching MTV, picking up dance moves. I turned him down, but now I feel kinda guilty leaving that 4 year old with that guy! Oh yeah, this post has nothing to do with random sex partners, just seeing how many people will read just for the title!

TheQuietGuy2005 54M
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9/7/2005 11:13 am

Well, of course, I read it purely because I'm a regular visitor ... in fact, I didn't even notice the title, oh nooooooooo!


9/7/2005 11:23 am

Got me! But I agree about the little girl.

looking4fun68123 51F

9/8/2005 3:27 pm

Hi Cruel, I like to read blogs like yours where people are talking about their everyday lives. I hate the ones where people write poems or stories or the one liners asking for sex.

lifeisablast333 54M

9/9/2005 1:41 am

the one liners asking for sex are really lame, but blog on your own schedule

BIHotandPlayful 59M/45F
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9/15/2005 10:23 am

Wonder if the the family of the 4 year old knew he was on AN ADULT WEBSITE while the 4 year old was there... Drunks! YUCK!
My FRIENDS & I LOVE SEX but in the right place @ the right time!


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