Post Lunch Date AFF meeting.  

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2/23/2006 7:41 pm

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Post Lunch Date AFF meeting.

Immediately after my bad lunch date, I sought out Marty. I was right in the area where he works, so I thought I'd drop in and surprise him at work. Well, turns out he wasn't working. Still not getting any. I came home and logged on and ended up chatting with another guy--this one from AdultFriendFinder. I'd chatted with him a couple of times. Well, I so wanted to get laid that day, that I ended up breaking one my own rules. It's a big rule too, the one about not immediately meeting for sex.
We agreed to meet at a cheap motel, since my place is forever off limits and he said something about roommates or something. Anyway, I didn't care. He took care of the room and we got in and it was freezing cold in there! I took off my coat anyway, to get more comfortable and then I got into the bed--with my clothes on, because it really was just too cold. Well, he jumped in too..and this is what I liked about him--absolutely no hesitation. He was kissing me and pulling my clothes off within 5 minutes. He gave the boobs a little attention while taking his own clothes off. Before I knew it, he was trying to shove his cock in my pussy. I had to push him back and tell him to slow down. He got the hint and we switched to some oral. Neither one of us was in a really giving mood, I guess, because we ended up 69ing. He wasn't great at it, but he wasn't horrible either. It seems like he played with my ass more than he played with my pussy. That's weird to me. I'd much rather have my tongue in someone's pussy than my finger in their ass. Eventually we got back around to where he wanted to fuck. I asked if he had condoms..of course not. Luckily, I did. So anyway... I rode him for a few the obligatory "that feels really good" and then he took over and came within 5 minutes.
We both knew it wouldn't take long, since he said it had been a couple of months for him. And of course, I'm never opposed to a quick release when it comes to fucking. I just wish the foreplay had lasted a lot longer. I wouldn't have gotten off at all if I hadn't taken matters into my own hands. I started rubbing my clit, and told him to help me out. It took me about a minute and a half to climax.
So he got another go. He was impressed with himself this time...apparently he shook really hard when he came. I didn't notice. However, I did notice the huge amount of cum on my pussy! Turns out the freaking condom broke! I didn't realize at the time how bad it was, but later when I peed, the rest of it came out. I don't know what to think right now. Thank God I'm on the pill; but I think I'll stick to meet & greets first and then I'll give having sex with the guy some thought on my own time.
Ratings for this guy:
Appearance: 7.
Oral: 2.
Efficiency: 7.
Generosity: 3.
Overall: 4.75
Oh yeah, my last thought as I was leaving the motel room? Swiping the key so I could hook up with someone else. When did I become such a slut???

lifeisablast333 53M

2/23/2006 9:23 pm

now do not be so hard on yourself, being a slut is a good thing, all the chicks in my life, that I cared for the most, were sluts, and I love that about a gal....after all we are beinings that need sex to be normal, and feel important and loved, and fullfilled

but I sure hope the Sex Goddess rates me better than you did that guy, sounds like a self rub would have been as good.......the REDNECK


3/15/2006 8:13 pm

Having fun is what it's all about, the big guy upstair's if yoiu believe that way gave us pleasure from sex and all the fun leading up to it so have at'er girl, enjoy yourself, be safe and be youir own judge. Each experince is it's own. If you have many moment's, good for you, with one or as many person's yoiu require. What is that saying "variety is the spice of life"

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