It's Official! I'm A Bitch  

CruelKitty 45F
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6/27/2006 7:58 pm
It's Official! I'm A Bitch

I'm having work issues. I'm in an awkward position. I'm like lower-lower management, but the person who is called upon to address personnel issues and keep the workload even and everyone happy. Management at my company consists of people who will come to ME to tell me that one of THEIR employees has a visible tattoo and I need to tell them to cover it up. Mind you, this management just saw this employee in passing, but instead of addressing it directly with that employee, she went out of her way to find ME so that I can address it. It's no big deal, I have no problem telling people that they need to cover up their tattoo, or telling them that they need to do this or that. The problem I have comes in when someone that I address goes over my head to complain about how I addressed them. In particular, the kiss-ass people who whine and complain to get their way.

My issue today had to do with our mail desk personnel. One of them was on vacation, so the other was left to do both jobs. I don't see the difficulty in it. When they are BOTH gone, I'm the one who covers it, so it's not like I don't know what their job entails. So I know when they should and should NOT need additional help. Well, today, the one person at the mail desk spent most of her time on personal phone calls. We happen to work in a call center, so most of the people who work there can't take personal phone calls. My area just happens to be one that can, but out of respect for other employees who don't have that freedom, we try to limit our personal phone calls. Not "Kristi". She will be on the phone all day long if we let her. So today, when she asked for additional help like I knew she would, I asked her, "If I give you more help, will you stay off the phone?" Her response was "Well, I guess not." --implying that she took my response as a "No." Well, I didn't really mean no, I just wanted to make it clear that if I did get her help, I expected her to not abuse it. After all, I wasn't giving her help just so she could free up some of her time to talk on the phone. Well, she took offense to my answer and went over my head. Now, I can't help but think she's the dumbest bitch that ever walked the earth by bringing attention to the fact that she can't stay off the phone and do her job. But it doesn't really matter, because not only did I get my point across, she did NOT get extra help, she kept her mouth shut and stayed off the phone for the rest of the day, and I have yet to hear from my boss about how I handled it. Although, I'm sure it's still coming. And it will probably be a lecture about diplomacy, yah yah yah--because I didn't really use alot of discretion in the whole deal. But hey, when she asks from across the room, why can't I answer from across the room? And after my answer, I looked at the faces of my co-workers to see if anyone heard, and not one of them had any kind of expression on their face indicating that they even heard what was said. But after Kristi got up to tattle-tell on me, they all burst out in laughter, and one of them even stood up and applauded. At least I know they've got my back.

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